Monday, June 24, 2013

I Have a Travel Blog!

Well, thanks to your overwhelming support of my starting a travel blog, I took some time these past few days and created one!

Are you ready for it?

Do you want to know what it's called and where to find it?

(Unfortunately, it's not called Steph Su Travels... althoough I'll admit to having considered it.)

Drumroll, please...

Come find me at
Everything in 40 Litres

*does a happy dance*

I'm sure you have many questions. What's going to be on the blog? Why did I switch from Blogger to Wordpress and have no regrets about it? What does the name mean? Why did I spell it "Litres" instead of "Liters"? Oh, and will there be many, many pictures?

Visit my travel blog, and your questions will be answered. (Except for maybe the Wordpress one. Simply put, Wordpress is wonderfully intuitive and effortless to use.) There will be stories. There will be pictures. There will be posts about what Chinese sleeper trains are like.

Oh, and there's more! If you like what you find on Everything in 40 Litres--there's not much there yet, but I hope there will be more soon--I hope you will also like my Facebook page, "Everything in 40 Litres", where I will be posting shorter and more frequent updates. It's like a Twitter feed, except I'm not limited to 140 characters, thank god. (I will still continue tweeting at @stephxsu, but I will save the juicy stuff for my Facebook page, I think!)

(And while you're at it, have you liked my Facebook page for "Steph Su Reads" yet? Unfortunately it's not nearly as exciting as every other social networking place I'm on, but since I'm on the topic... :D)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and sticking with me!


  1. Oooh, I'm off to follow you on WordPress then. I look forward to your travel stories and it makes my life easier because I'm already on Wordpress! :)

  2. CONGRATS!! A most excellent plan. You're a great travel blogger so this is fantastic!

  3. Wow, this looks awesome! I'll set it up on my RSS feed right away.

  4. Steph, this sounds like the right move for you. Have a wonderful adventure!

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