Below are lists of author interviews, author guest posts, and blogger interviews/guest posts (the blogger interviews are part of my Friday Featured Blogger series, a once-weekly, now occasional feature in which I interview a blogger whose blog I enjoy reading).

Author Interviews/Guest Posts - Greg
Bjorkman, Lauren
Bow, Erin
Bowditch, Eden Unger
Bullen, Alexandra
Burgis, Stephanie
Calame, Don
Cantor, Jillian
Chow, Cara
Crowley, Cath
Dashner, James
Davidson, Jenny
de Gramont, Nina
DeStefano, Lauren
Doerr, Bonnie
Dolamore, Jaclyn
Dunkle, Clare B.
Durst, Sarah Beth
Eland, Lindsay
Eulberg, Elizabeth
Fisher, Catherine
Fitzpatrick, Becca
French, S. Terrell
Friedman, Aimee
Garsee, Jeannine
Goetsch, Leslie
Gonzalez, Christina Diaz
Higson, Charlie
Josephson, Wayne
Kagawa, Julie
Kagawa, Julie (Nov. 2011)
Karaplis, Joanna
Keplinger, Kody
Kessler, Jackie Morse
Kessler, Jackie Morse (April 2011)
Kittredge, Caitlin
Knight, Rachelle Rogers
Kristoff, Jay
Kuehnert, Stephanie
Lanagan, Margo
Lange, Erin Jade
Lee, Y. S. (interview)
Lee, Y. S. (guest post)
Lee, Y. S. (guest post, Feb. 2012)
Lo, Malinda
Lo, Malinda (April 2011)
Marriott, Zoe
McCafferty, Megan
McCormick, Patricia
Mechling, Lauren
Mechling, Lauren (guest post)
Mechling Lauren and Laura Moser
Metcalf, Dawn
Moulton, Courtney Allison
Nichols, Lee
O'Brien, Caragh
Padian, Maria
Peck, Dale
Petroff, Shani
Randall, Thomas
Rose, Christine and Ethan
Rosenfield, Kat
Sales, Leila
Schmais, Libby
Shahan, Sherry
Smith-Ready, Jeri
Strasnick, Lauren
Sturman, Jennifer
Summers, Courtney
Trivas, Tracy
van Draanen, Wendelin
White, Kiersten
Whitney, Daisy
Whitney, Daisy (Feb. 2012)
Yang, Dori Jones
Zadoff, Allen
Zarr, Sara

Friday Featured Bloggers
Name links to interview, blog name to blog

1. Jenny of Wondrous Reads
2. Sophie of So Many Books, So Little Time
3. Brooke of Brooke Reviews
4. Marie of Cupcake Witch
5. Vania of Reverie Media
6. Donna of Bites
7. Sophie of Mrs. Magoo Reads
8. H of About Books for Teens
9. MssJos of Royal Reads
10. deltay of Lucid Conspiracy
11. Mya of Dissecting Perfection
12. Thao of Serene Hours
13. Cat of Beyond Books
14. Beth Revis of Writing It Out
15. Rhiannon Hart (Rhiannon Hart)
16. Lauren of I Was a Teenage Book Geek
17. McKenzie of The Book Owl
18. Natalie of Book, Line and Sinker
19. Ari of Reading in Color
20. Adele of Persnickety Snark
21. Choco/Meg of In Which a Girl Reads
22. John of Dreaming in Books
23. Jamie of The Perpetual Page-Turner
24. Meg of Write Meg!
25. Melina of Reading Vacation
26. Brent of Naughty Book Kitties
27. Jen of Makeshift Bookmark
28. April of Good Books and Good Wine
29. Aaron Vincent of Guy Gone Geek
30. James of Book Chic Club
31. Capillya of That Cover Girl

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