Thursday, January 29, 2009

Review: Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler

Brrr! The weather's been treacherous lately. An all-day icy rain turned the snow on the ground into slush. And then, of course, come nighttime, all the footprints in the snow iced over into miniature skating rinks, each and every one of them. Black ice all over the roads, so bad that my school even cancelled the shuttles for the night! It's made walking around treacherous. I feel like I'm having an adventure every time I step outside and try not to die on ice.

In order to "celebrate" the snow and ice, I've chosen a review for a very snowy and wintry book... =)

Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler

Tags: YA, mystery, thriller, supernatural

Dusty doesn't know anything about the boy who mysteriously calls her one night as he attempts to commit suicide, then startles her with all the personal things he knows about her and her life--like the disappearance of her brother, Josh. All she knows is that there is something terribly alluring yet dangerous about him at the same time. Her curiosity drags her into an out-of-this-world intriguing mystery that wins her enemies and drives her to her tomboyish limits.

For there really ARE a lot of things strange about the boy. Like how he knows all of these intimate details about people, even people he has never met before. Or how he disappears without a trace. And then there are the stories that the angry mob from other towns tell, of the boy having a particular hold over girls and then raping them, of him disarming or killing living beings with just one wave of his hand.

Dusty doesn't know how to feel about this boy. Her family, the cops, her friends, the mob--all are telling her to stay away from him, she is only going to implicate herself if she continues to mess things up so that it looks like she's helping him. But all Dusty is certain of is that the mysterious boy is the key to finding out what happened to Josh all those many years ago.

And for that, she can't stop getting involved, until her very life is in danger.

Frozen Fire is unusual and interesting. A lot happens at once and remains unexplained for many pages, which may confuse some readers (like me!), but it ends satisfactorily, although there are still questions left unanswered. For a mystery thriller that's out of the ordinary, pick up Frozen Fire.

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Rating: 2.5/5


Name some snowy, wintry reads that you've enjoyed!

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