Monday, November 29, 2010

Where in the world...?

I'm alive! I promise. But I have been, uh, sort of...not all here...mentally? By which I only mean that I have been thinking a whole lot this past week or so, what with it being Thanksgiving break and me finally being able to get away from the school environment and think about bigger issues, such as LIFE, and the FUTURE, and LOVE, and all that jazz. So I've been thinking a lot, trying to figure out life and where I stand on important issues, which has been working better when I'm not online as often.

I'm okay, I promise. :) I will be writing blog posts about stuff I've been thinking about soon, and I'm pretty interested in those. Thanks for your patience while I'm wandering around inside my head!


  1. So happy you are alive! :) I miss you. I think we should wander around your head together over IHop! Eating those crepes just isn't the same without you! :P

  2. Hope things are going well. I always love your posts and miss them when they're gone, but real life is always important too. I'm sure your life will be even crazier when finals arrive. Do you graduate this year too?

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