Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: Too Good to Be True by Kristan Higgins

Tags: contemporary romance, humor


Grace has a bad habit of making up boyfriends to get out of awkward situations, divert a pity party, and more. Her latest fake boyfriend—a golden-hearted pediatric surgeon—comes in the weeks leading up to her youngest sister’s wedding…to Grace’s ex-fiance. Of course, it doesn’t take a surgeon to see through her stories, as evidenced by the fact that her neighbor, Callahan O’Shea, an ex-con-turned-handyman with whom she got off on a rather clumsy foot, seems to have figured out her most embarrassing habit. With her sister’s wedding looming but her having not yet fully moved on, Grace needs to find an eligible (read: real) man to transfer her affections to…


More chick-flicky romantic comedy than the more scandalous affairs I’ve become used to when it comes to romance, Kristan Higgins’ writing will have you smiling, bouncing, and sighing over this straight-up romance with the best of intentions.

Grace is a smart and funny woman with a really awkward weaknesses when it comes to talking to and about guys that will make you both pity and empathize with her. Sometimes her stupidity when it comes to guys drove me crazy: you kind of just want to shake her and yell in her face, SNAP OUT OF IT, ALREADY!

But when Grace is not making a fool of herself regarding guys, she’s the best, with an endearingly geeky love of Civil War reenactments (have you ever met a character who was into Civil War reenactments? I didn’t think so) and appreciation for teaching history. This makes it totally possible for us to cheer for her happy ending, when she finally gets it…and Callahan is no slacker in the “ideal guy” department, if yanno what I mean.

Complete with zany family members and laugh-out-loud dialogue, Kristan Higgins’ books will now be on my radar forevermore when I’m looking for a sweet and funny romance. Highly recommended!

Cover discussion: From here on out I exempt myself from discussing covers of mass market paperback romances. The end.

HQN Books / Mar. 1, 2009 / Mass Market Paperback / 384pp. / $7.99

Personal copy.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! Kristan Higgins is so great at romantic comedy...and this is one probably makes my top 3 favorites of hers. Grace and Callahan never fail to make me laugh!

  2. Lol. This review makes me happy. Including the exemption from discussing mass market paperback romance covers. I'm with you.

    Really enjoyed this one. Like Allison, it's right in my top 3-4 of Higgins books. Such fun.

  3. I usually agree with you on mass market paperback romance covers, but there's a Westie on the cover and it reminds me of the puppy I grew up with :)

    I need to add Higgins books to my WL!

  4. LOL @ the cover discussion! I know, haha.

    I read this recently too and it hit the spot. I never seem to give her more than 3 stars, but they are just the right kind of three star reads i crave some times :) i have read three of hers and this one was probably the least ridiculous, LOL>

  5. Oh, Grace. OH, GRACE. I just wanted to shake my head at her the whole entire time I read this book but she just made me laugh so hard. That girl really did try, didn't she? I'm so glad I've found a contemp romance author I like. Glad you liked it too. =)

  6. I really liked this one too; though she definitely has a kind of formula going on, Kristan Higgins is an author I like to turn to when I need some light, cute read. And I loved that Grace was into historical reenactments, so different from most books!


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