Friday, September 14, 2012

BBAW 2012: Pimp That Book!

The name of this Book Blogger Appreciation Week prompt makes me giggle as I shout the chorus line to that show Pimp My Ride ("!") in my head. I'm so excited about this prompt because, hey, book pimpin gets dem people spendin G's.

A lot of the new favorites I read this year are already pretty well known, so I'm devoting my pimping largely to one book: Among Others by Jo Walton. Not that this is an obscure book--it seems to have been sweeping nearly all this year's Best Fantasy Novel awards, after all--but it's a book that I want more people, MORE MORE MORE, to read, for its unusualness and quirkiness and hugginess and squeeness.

You will enjoy this book if you:
  • enjoy novels written in diary format.
  • like reading about adolescent females coming of age in a historical time period.
  • like your fantastical elements weird--we're talking surly, unhelpful fey; spells done hurriedly in the rare escapes from boarding school; and estranged mothers who may or may not be violently insane.
  • are a bookworm and get all giddy/excited/turned on when interacting with other bookworms about books.
  • have a heartbeat, like books, and like teenagers.
Among Others is
combined with
and set in
It features
and, of course, lots and lots of

Wow, I want that kind of bookstore. Anyway, check out my not-at-all-helpful review of Among Others or learn more about it on Goodreads. I hope you'll be inspired to read it this year! (Bookworm squee, I tell you. Bookworm. Squee.)


  1. Among Others looks so intriguing! Just added it to my wish list :)

  2. With pimping like that, how can I resist? It sounds really lovely, thanks for sharing.

  3. I absolutely love how creative this post is. For real. It has definitely convinced me to make sure Among Others is on my TBR list!

  4. Okay, I have this book on my shelf and definitely plan on reading it but MORE IMPORTANTLY I love how you did this post. Fabulous!

  5. AWESOME the books and the photos.

    I am still making my way through all the blogs on the list. Stopped by earlier but not for this post...GREAT BLOG.


    THANKS for the suggestion.

    Silver's Reviews

  6. Proof that pimping this book was necessary: I hadn't heard of it and comparing it to I Capture the Castle (one of my most loved books of all time) with magic means I MUST READ IT. Thank you!


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