Sunday, September 6, 2009

ASH Celebration: Authors on ASH

Thought it was only me who is totally hyped up about ASH? Today we have a few of the most magnanimous YA authors around talking about why ASH is a must-read for 2009.

Kami Garcia, Co-Author of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES:

"ASH is beautifully written and lyrical, in a way few novels achieve. But as if that isn't enough, Malinda Lo gives a modern twist on a classic fairy tale, with a powerful heroine and breathtaking storytelling.

"ASH is a love story that transcends the boundaries of sexual identity. It's about the power of love, and the effect it has on us -- the way we can see ourselves differently through the eyes of someone who loves us. Anyone who has ever been in love, or hopes to be, should read this novel."

Cindy Pon, author of SILVER PHOENIX:

"i've heard ASH by malinda lo described as a lesbian
retelling of cinderalla, but this short changes
malinda's wonderful debut novel. beautifully written in prose
that can make your heart ache, Ash loses everything
that she loves and is on a journey to discover herself
in the process.

"rich with folklore, malinda intrigues the reader with
the dark, intense and possessive fairy, sidhean juxtaposed
with the innocent, butterflies in the stomach encounters
with the king's young huntress, kaisa. both relationships
drew me for their own reasons, and malinda does a fantastic
job of adding her own twists to a familiar fairy tale.

"i highly recommend this debut!"

Thanks, ladies, for sharing your thoughts about this amazing book with us! You should also check out ASH's Goodreads page if you want others' thoughts about this book.

For more information and/or links to the ASH Celebration Giveaway, click HERE.

For one entry: Do other authors' blurbs on new releases influence your decision in picking it up? Why or why not?


  1. I love Pon's thoughts on Ash!

    I don't often read the blurbs on covers for advice on if I should read a book, but if another author talks about a book they love on their blog/website then yeah, I do get influenced. Especially if I like that authors work. :)

  2. They definitely influence me. If I love an authros books and they recommend something it's logical to think that I'll like that too. I'm rarely let down!

  3. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Honestly, it has gone both ways. Sometimes the author's blurbs been so enticing, and personally rich with anecdotes that I am intrigued to read their book.

    Othertimes, their blurbs have come across as so egotistically self-promoting that I am actually turned off.

    Probably what influences me is the most, as to whether or not to read, are the independent reviews I trip across.

  4. Love to hear what the authors think of ASH. Everyone loves Ash :)

    Well I don't think the blurbs influence me at all, at least not as mich as the cover and the synopsis. It's sometimes fun to see your favorite author's blurb on a book that you're going to purchase though.

  5. The blurbs influence me if it's a book I think I may be interested in and they're written by an author whose work I really enjoy.

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  6. Positive blurbs usually do influence me, at least a little. I picked up Anatomy of Wings because of a blurb by Markus Zusak on the back cover! If it's an author I love blurbing, I'll tend to want to read the book more. :)

    - Alex

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  8. Sometimes an author blurb might influence me, but it kind of depends if I rate that author or not.

    I don't like it when another author's blurb is on the front cover, especially in larger writing than the actual author's name... which I've seen a few times.

    I'm more influenced by full reviews, or a book summary, or a very nice cover!

  9. I want to say yes well sometime I usually get book my their story outline but sometime if Im at the bookstore and I see the book the authore recemendation usually make me want to get the book If i have to choice between it


  10. It depends -- an author blurb might influence me, but only if it's from one of my favorite authors. Otherwise, I'm more influenced by synopsis and reviews.

    bcanyon at hotmail dot com

  11. It depends if I really like the author that blurbs about the new release. If I really, really, really like the author, then yeah it totally influences my decision on picking it up. And I will pick it up because I enjoy that authors riding so much that I will also trust their likes in the books they enjoy to read.


  12. They do influence me, even thought I know better! It does make a bit of difference where the blurb comes from, though.

    nbmars AT yahoo DOT com

  13. No they usually don't. The only thing they might do is get me to pick up the book and read what it's about. And that's only if its from an author I know and like. Otherwise I don't pay any attention to them.

    foltzsfantasticbooks AT

  14. It influences me a little bit. If I really enjoy the authors book I trust their judgment on other books

  15. It has a slight influence on me. If I love the author and her work and she recommends another book, chances are that I will give it a chance. But if it's an author whose books I've never read, I don't really care all that much.

  16. To be honest, author blurbs don't incense me to pick up a book. I'd only stand up and go, "hey! this author endorsed this book, it MUST be good" if it's from one of my absolute FAVE authors. Then I'd check it out.


  17. They influence me only If i love the author who's writting the blurp.
    Book Blogs is my main influence!

  18. They do have an influence on me, I thinks is important to know an author´s opinion, specially if I read one of his books.


  19. Oh, totally! I wouldn't have picked up Wicked Lovely were it not for the blurb from tamora Pierce on the back! If she says it's good, then I'll read it. She's my fave fantasy author, and I totally trust her when it comes to book recommendations. :)

  20. Sometimes they do. If its an author I'm familar with and am a fan of and they really liked and recommend the book then it motivates me to read up on the book and get a copy myself.

  21. I read the blurbs, but they don't influence me cos blurbs are just praises for the book, and I don't trust them entirely.

  22. It depends in how much I like the author, but even if I don't I still might read it.

  23. Authors' blurbs are always fun to read but they don't really influence me. After all, opinions are subjective :)

  24. Yes, sometimes author blurb influence my decision.
    Please enter my name in your draw.
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. Authors blurbs do influence me.
    Especially if its an author I adore. I mean if an author writes amazing stuff and then they claim another book is amazing, its simple logic that they are both amazing.
    (does that make since)
    But yeah authors blurbs do influence me :)

  26. Yes I think author blurbs do influence me tons. If I have read their books and loved them then I am most likely going to buy the book.

  27. Yep they do influence me, especially if I have read and respect this author.

    Wdebo :)

  28. Actually, author blurbs don't influence me. I'm actually way more influenced by book blogger reviews and goodreads reviews. Plus, the cover, if a book has a fab cover and is affordable, I'll buy it.


  29. Author blurbs do influence me especially if it's someone I love and respect.

  30. I usually ignore blurbs.

    Occasionally if I am considering a new author who I have not heard of I will read a blurb but I usually find they are not informative.

    I would rather read a review from a reviewer I trust and then make up my own mind.


    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  31. No more so than the recommendation of an avid reader like yourself. I am friends with several writers, some are even published and I know they read each other's work and give recommendations for friends as easily as for authors who 'truly' deserve. Everyone's human ...

  32. Though is interesting to read what an author thinks about a book, this don't influence me. I prefer to know the opinion of my friends, that know what kind of books I like, or read reviews of diferent blogs.
    Its usually the latest that influence me to read a book.

  33. Only if the author is someone I really love and respect. Authors do blurbs all the time, so it has to be someone good to persuade me.

    jillkt13 at yahoo dot com

  34. I've got to admit, I don't usually buy books based on blurbs, but I'll certainly request them from the library. I read Ellen Kushner's blurb for HAVEMERCY by Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett around this time last year, and it sent me straight to my library catalogue to place a request.

  35. No, authors blurbs don't really affect me. I've found that even some of my favorite authors enjoyed books that I did not.


  36. YES!! well if i know the love the author, if SM blurb on a back of a book i would look at the content of the book, but if Melissa Marr said Read it i would, along with Megan McCafferty said to read it or Ellen Hopkins. but it does depend on the author, and the story most of the time

  37. Yay I'm looking forward to Silver Phoenix as well as Ash! Sometimes I'm influenced by author blurbs, but I know up until recently there was the tendency for publicists to cherry pick words from famous authors quotes that made their comments sound positive, so they need to be approach with caution. 'The Book of Love' featured blogger comments on its cover and since the bloggers were people I've been reading for years I knew I could trust their recommendation.

  38. This was so interesting to read! Also, Kami and Cindy were so nice to say that stuff about my book. :D

    I have to say I am influenced by blurbs, because I've never heard of an author giving a blurb for a book he/she did not truly enjoy. And if I like the blurber's stuff, I'm willing to take their personal recommendation.

    On the other hand, everybody's tastes vary, so it would make sense to not pay much attention to the blurbs.

  39. YES.

    Well, not usually. But I remember when I first saw ICE by Sarah Beth Durst, and it sounded OK, and then I saw it had blurbs not only by Tamora Pierce (whose books I loved in high school) but Juliet Marillier, my favourite author, I knew I had to have it.

    I remember when I saw a book recommended by Jodi Picoult, it completely changed my perception of the book. I don't think I bought it in the end, as I don't especially like Jodi Picoult and associate her with certain writing mannerisms and tricks that I hate.

    So it can affect me both ways. But usually, while a blurb by a (good) big name on Book A doesn't make me buy Book A, the blurb definitely swings the pendulum in the book's favour.


  40. More often than not, authors that I like saying they loved a particular book would give that book plus points for me. :) I'm not sure why, I guess I just think maybe they'd have the same writing style and that I'd enjoy the book too.


  41. I wouldn't say that I'm influenced greatly by author blurbs. But usually if I like the author that has the blurb, then I'll be more likely to buy it.

    infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

  42. Do other authors' blurbs on new releases influence your decision in picking it up? Why or why not? - Just like book reviews, a blurb can influence whether I pick up a book, but I think I rely on bloggers more than author blurbs. In the book blogging community, I can get a good idea of the quality of a book.

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

  43. The authors' blurbs definitely influence my decision in reading new books if they are someone I'm a fan of. For instance, last year Stephenie Meyer recommended The hunger Games, and I've been dying to put my hands on that book ever since!

    juiceb0xx at hotmail dot com

  44. Do other authors' blurbs on new releases influence your decision in picking it up? YES. I love hearing about books that authors I like, enjoy to read.


  45. Yes I love to pick up what the author as well as other reviewers say about the books.




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