Saturday, September 12, 2009

My State of Being

So I realized while looking through all the blogs short-listed for BBAW to cast my votes (have you voted yet? click HERE to do so!) that I've had a totally lackluster week in terms of posts. I've posted two reviews, my Waiting on Wednesday feature, an interview with another blogger, and a giveaway. Great. Very representative of the stuff I especially like to write about, eh? Where are the boundary-breaking posts?! Where are the discussions that rack up the comments and debates and questions??!

I can only attribute this to #stephfail in light of the confusion of my second week of junior year in college. I'm sorry for disappointing, but no one is more disappointed in me than myself. I promise to write some more interesting posts soon, as soon as I've gotten my schedule and my major figured out. I have a whole bunch of awesome topics I'd love to write about: sex in YA, YA books-into-movies, overhyped books, good and bad boys in YA (for amazing posts about the last two, check out Adele's blog). Even looking at that list of topics I want to write about has my heart jumping like crazy. However, the time will come when I can formulate a cohesive post on those topics, and I'm excited for that time when I can be worthy again of my Best Writing short-list (seriously, I'm flabbergasted that I've made it that far, even though it's a definite dream come true)!

On other, not book-related but me-related notes (because every once in a while it's nice to know what the blogger is up to), I've been whirlwinding through my first two weeks of college, struggling to get into classes at the nearby University of Pennsylvania in order to NOT be bored with class. We shall see if that works out.

In the meantime, I spent a glorious Friday night (last night) discovering the magic of Hulu. Have you guys been on that site? You can basically watch a ton of TV shows for free. I never realized how amazing its creation was until I watched the first two episodes of GLEE (yes, that new musical comedy TV show that Khy loves to rave about) there. While it's not as good as it could be (occasionally stilted acting, unrealistic characters, really saccharinely cliche high school troubles, and actors who are too old for their parts as to make it look way unnatural), there's still enough fantastic singing and general musical-ness to make me laugh and be filled with, well, glee. So I might actually continue watching it on Hulu.

Now, if you know me, this is a major announcement, because I NEVER watch TV. The last show I liked was Gilmore Girls, and even that one I got the seasons on DVD and watched it that way. I've never followed a TV show on a weekly basis. Ever. So this will be a new experience for me.

Then I found some excerpts of True Blood online and watched those, and now I think I'm going to have to track down Season One so I can feel giddy over watching sexy, gritty vampires fighting for equality alongside their Southern accent-speaking humans. Exciting!!

Also, which blogger was it that said they liked the show Greek? Adele? Anyway, whoever it was, I watched Season One, Episode One on Hulu last night too, and I think I'm going to love that show. It's like Mean Girls for the college-age set, and the amazing thing is that, just like with the best of books, you're able to feel sympathetic for and even like most of the main characters, however bitchy or asshole-y they act. That's the thing I think I like the most about these shows featuring cliques or fraternities/sororities or high school popularity crises: they're all things I haven't experienced, and yet I feel I can relate to the characters because of the excellent way they are portrayed.

And now I'm going to move away from the topic of TV (an odd topic for me if there ever was one) and ask you guys for some recommendations. My Advanced Fiction Writing workshop reads a ton of short story collections. I was wondering: what are some of your favorite YA short story collections you've read? I haven't read that many and think I should start, in order to add to the relevance of this class.

Well, that's all for now for this life-update post, but I'll keep you guys posted with any new, non-book-related news every once in a while! Don't forget to vote for BBAW awards if you haven't already! :) Deadline is tonight at midnight!

[Edit] If you're interested, below are the posts I submitted for the two categories in which I was shortlisted.

For Best Writing:

For Best New Blog, every thing is the same, except I took out my review of Hush, Hush by added in a Friday Featured Blogger interview featuring H of About Books for Teens (

I think those were pretty representative of my best work on my blog, no? More to come!


  1. So many things in this post! My brain is swelling! ;)

    As much as I hated school and never finished University (long story, that one) it should come first and blogging second. Unless you're like me and was all "What ELSE can I do that ISN'T school? Huh? What else? Where? When? DISTRACTION, YAY!" that is.

    Glee - the pilot was iffy for me, but I gave that second episode a chance and whereas it's cheesy as all heck and these people learn songs right away without even looking at the music and know all these dance moves (Hello? Gold Digger?) at once, well, I really like the germaphobic crazy-eyed teacher. She makes me LAUGH. I'm also a closet fan of the actor who plays the Evil Cheerleading coach.

    I have not heard of Greek - is this an HBO thing? Sadly, Hulu only works in the US and Canada doesn't have anything that awesome. Sniffle.

    I don't think I have read YA short stories though, sorry. Oh! Unless you count those HarperTeen Hell books - Prom Nights from Hell, Vacations from Hell, Love is Hell. But they aren't really anything to write home about. =/

    /end rambling

  2. YA short-story collections: I hope fantasy is allowed because Kelly Link's PRETTY MONSTERS really rocks.

  3. I think everyone has had kind of mediocre posts this week, what with school and BBAW and September and who knows what. I think potential voters can see that this situation obtains across the board. Also, I too posted my links that I had submitted, but I noticed that on at least one blog that the blogger indicated she was not voting for me based on the blahness of *other* posts she found randomly. And I know many many will vote, like elections, simply on name recognition. So the important thing, in my opinion, is that you got shortlisted, meaning that people who actually took the time to read your designated posts found something worth honoring. So you won the most important thing already, as far as I can tell! :--)

  4. Love Glee and True Blood is my obsession. You should track down season one for sure.

  5. "(yes, that new musical comedy TV show that Khy loves to rave about)"

    I love how I am included in the definition of Glee! Wheeeee.

    You should tell me if Greek is good after season one, because I think that's the only season I watched. xD

  6. Thanks for the links Steph! Glad you enjoyed those discussion posts - I love writing them, three this week already lol.

    Greek is the show that I adore, it's so good because like you said, completely relatable but oh so amusing. I also have a huge crush on Cappie, even though he's not the typical hot guy from these kind of shows, although he is cute! People need to watch this show....and Friday Night Lights. Greek just started their third season on ABC Family.

  7. Wow. Sounds like quite a life. And here I sit feeling jealous of my son who's gone back to college.

  8. I ♥♥♥ Glee and Greek! :}
    Good luck getting into some more fun classes! :)

  9. Yus! GREEK! ftw. For sure. Rusty is hilarious, and I totally love the dry humour in that show. Cappie, Casey, Evan, Rebecca, Ashley, Calvin, Dale... it's just such a wonderful cast.

    Hulu doesn't stream in Canada, I don't think, but alas. Sidereel works decently well in lieu though, which is nice.

    Haha, I've been pretty #fail these last couple of weeks too - last days of summer, start of senior year, all these major decisions to make, and kinks to iron out with my schedule etc.

    UPenn eh? V. impressive - hope it works out for you!

  10. I love Greek! I missed the first two episodes of this season, though, so I have to go back and re-watch them.

  11. Lol. For me a lacklustre week is not posting anything! At least you're still here! And I just noticed you used my interview as one of your samples. Yay - that was such a fun interview to do.

  12. YA short story collections: try Places I Never Meant to Be, edited by Judy Blume, which is a collection of stories by authors who have had their books challenged or banned. I read it several years ago--not sure if it's even in print anymore, but libraries might have it.

  13. Despite the issues you list Glee is one of my favorite new shows. It's just too quirky and fun for me not to enjoy. BUT....if you're only going to watch one of the shows you mention *totally* go with True Blood it's beyond fabulousness. It too is quirky (in a much darker way) and the characters are great fun to watch.

  14. Greek is the smart teen show for me.
    Refreshing, funny, witty one-liners, great cast, characters well-written, pop culture and smart guilty pleasure.


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