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Team Peeta vs. Team Gale?

Oh, you thought it would be something more substantial and serious? Well, TOO BAD for you! Hah! YA authors Heidi Kling and Josh Berk are hosting a Smoochies Award for the Best YA Kiss of 2009. Sound hot already, right? You should check it out, and nominate by February 13!

Anyway, tangential to that, I started reading other people's nominations, being as this is a topic that I am very curious about *shifty eyes*. I noticed that quite a number of people mentioned the Gale/Katniss kiss, which prompted me to post on Twitter:
lmao reading Smoochie nominations. Did Gale & Katniss even kiss? I forget: that's how uneventful it was to me.
Which, of course, promptly got me into some "trouble" with some tweeters. Jessica of Chick Lit Teens and I ended up going back and forth about this. To summarize, she's Team Gale, while I'm Team Peeta. BUT! We are both moderate in our positions, and can be swayed. (In fact, I'm more of a Team Katniss gal. I remember Heather Zundel asking on my "Best Romance" 2009 book list something along the lines of why I hadn't included Catching Fire on that list. To which my answer is: because it isn't ROMANCE. It's a dystopian novel and that's the best and main thing about it. Bah.)

For logic's (and sanity's) sake, I will compile a list of Team Gale vs. Team Peeta. Please note that I am trying to be as fair as possible to both sides. I quite enjoyed the thing that occurred on Chelsea the Page Flipper's blog a few months ago, during which lots of people weighed in one which team they were on. But... but... I like both! And here's why:

Oh yeah, WARNING: Don't read this if you haven't read the first two books, or if you don't care to know about my theories for what will happen in Book Three. Thx.

Why I Like Peeta
  1. He's nice. Nice boys don't get enough credit in YA lit--or, really, life.
  2. He's been sweet on Katniss for a long time; only class differences prevented them from getting to know one another. (Hey, it happened all the time in the nineteenth century. Just because Elizabeth Bennett ended up with Mr. Darcy doesn't mean it happened that way for every lower middle-class girl.)
  3. He takes/puts up with things for Katniss' sake. Like being punished for the burnt bread. And going along with the Careers in Book One, for the eventual purpose of protecting Katniss.
  4. Their history. Dude. They survived the Hunger Games together. Psych studies show that men and women find their preferred sex more attractive when their adrenaline is up. Even if you don't especially like a person, surviving the Hunger Games with him or her has got to count for something, right?

Why I Can't Rule Out Gale
  1. He's hot. He's got the resourceful, dangerous, tough-and-wild-boy thing going on. Automatic train of thought: resourcefulness = hot. Life has been hard on him, but he's survived despite everything.
  2. He'd make a great family man. He's already good at taking risks to protect his mother and sisters, and he takes care of Katniss and her family as well. I have no doubt he'd be good to Katniss if they end up together.
  3. He's solid. Physically and tangibly. Even his presence on the page is soothing.
  4. He's passionate about making a difference. I recently reread the first few pages of The Hunger Games for a meme that you will see probably later this week, and I realized that the seeds of his rebelliousness and determination to right the government's wrongs were already apparent. Unlike either Katniss or Peeta, Gale REALLY wants to do something about their dystopia.

Why It Might Not Be Peeta
  1. Katniss is unsure about him. Even after all they've been through together, Katniss still can't sort out whether or not her feelings for him are real, or just a result of having to put on the show to convince the government. Stop stringing the guy along already, and let him find someone who will be good to him and recognize his worth.
  2. The "Tragic Ending." Peeta survived two Hunger Games. That's two more than most people do. Don't quote me on this, but I think his luck might be running out... and I had a pretty good track record of predicting what was going to happen in Book Two. Plus, it would be, as Anne Shirley would put it, the "most tragical of tragic" endings. And thus it would be perfect in its bittersweetness. Here's the sweet guy whom we've gotten to know over the course of two/three books. Here's the guy who would do anything for Katniss. If an important character has to die in the last book, it'll most likely be him. It resolves the love triangle, and yet permanently ensues our sympathies for him.
  3. He's too ideal for the real world. Peeta is actually in his element most in the Games; outside of the arena, we readers hardly ever see him as a fully functioning and capable character. That means that, while he'd make the sweetest and most perfect boyfriend for Katniss, it probably won't happen, because the object of Book 3 is to resolve all the conflicts that Katniss and her Mockingjay rebel crew have stirred up with the government. Peeta belongs to that government-constructed world of terror and killing, much like his idealness is a manifestation of our characters of the "dream guy." When the government topples, it makes sense that he, too, will fall.

Why Gale Annoys Me
  1. He's selfish. How can one declare one's love for one's longtime best friend after the best friend goes through hell and back, and expect her to be the same person she was before everything happened? Things change. You must change with them. Gale has trouble remembering that a lot of times.
  2. He's barely there. I know it's not his fault that most of the story takes place somewhere where he can't go. But honestly, the little on-page-time he's had so far has not done enough to recommend him to me. I need to see him actually do something substantial to prove how much he cares for Katniss, otherwise I'm not able to want her to be with him.
  3. They're too similar. Katniss needs a sweet and constantly caring guy, because she's too bull-headed and independent to be able to be a good match for a guy with the same personality as her (believe me, I'd know).

Now you've heard my thoughts on the matter, and now you even--if you read it--know what I think might happen to this love triangle in Book 3. What else would you guys add to any of these lists? Is there anything that you disagree with me on? What do you think will happen in the final book? I'd love to hear!


  1. Great post! (only now I am even more impatient for the 3rd book to come out!)

    I am Team Peeta; I have been from the start. They have shared so much together. I have a feeling that an important character will die in the 3rd book too and I think you may be right about it being him (you put a good argument across as I hadn't thought about that before). Oh, I'm just going to be in floods of tears at the end of the new book, aren't I?

  2. I have not read either of these, but I heard they are great.

  3. I really would never have figured your a Peeta girl. I always thought you'd be Team Gale through and through, so this post really surprised me.

    I always love discussions like this because you get to see other people's points of view, and your do differ greatly from mine. It's nice to see why you like Peeta so much and especially your predictions for book three. Whenever I have spoken to people about the books, it really seems that Peeta is winning the battle, but this is a war, a war that he is just to sweet and caring to ever do any real damage in.

    Honestly, I don't know why I like Gale quite as much as I do. Maybe because he was introduced to me first in Hunger Games, maybe because in so little a time Collins managed to make this character so life like and believable, that I just connected with him straightaway. Maybe thats why I struggled to like Peeta as much. I found him to be to passive for a boy, Katniss could royally kick his butt. She's feisty and strong willed and Peeta just wouldn't be able to handle her. She would be the boss, and she would know it. But with Gale, it would be totally different.

    I honestly don't think that Gale will make it out of the books alive, I think he'll sacrifice his life for Katniss right at the end of the book, his life will be the last life lost in the battle against the capitol, which obviously, the Mokingjays will win. I hope I'm wrong though and that your prediction is right, because I really do not want Gale to die. If he does, I swear, my books will be burned.

    I am being serious, they would be eradicated and I would pretend that they never existed.

  4. I personally can't see how Peeta's manipulations of Katniss were romantic in any way, but hey, who am I to judge?

    If I guy manipulated me to gain favor with a crowd, I'd be mad. Plus, I married my best friend, so I kinda have to root for Gale.

    I Heart Monster is all TEAM GALE!

  5. I'm on hold for the second book, but the feeling I got from the first one is that Suzanne Collins favors Peeta, so I kinda think they'll end up together. I really enjoyed your thoughts on Peeta and his relation to the world order. As of now, I'm Team Gale, but once I get my voracious little mitts on Catching Fire, I might change my mind.

  6. Where's the Team Haymitch argument? Okay, I know. But I am unapologetically Team Katniss. If I have to pick a second choice, it'd be Gale.

  7. I adore Peeta for many of the reasons you listed. He is a sweet guy who honestly cares about Katniss. For that alone, I am Team Peeta. :)

    I do have to agree with your prediction that a main character will die in the third book, and I agree that it'll probably be Peeta. I think he has accomplished what he was meant to do in the scope of the storyline. I think Gale will take a much larger role and we'll see him stepping up to fight alongside Katniss.

  8. I am team Gale all the way. For me I see that Peeta is an amazing guy, but he's not right for Katniss. I think in the end for me it's like the Edward/Jacob debate.

    Jacob was a good guy, but had another destiny to fulfill.

    I think Peeta will end up being an instrument for the resistance, becoming the next leader or something like that. He has that ability.

    Yes he and Katniss have been through more as far as we can see but Gale loves her so much he was whipped almost to death for her.

    I think now that Peeta is out of the immediate story with Katniss, we will see more of Gale and lots of Team Peeta fans will convert.

    Gale has loved Katniss for just as long as Peeta, and he knows her better.

    And she has already chosen him! She realized in book 2 that she can't live without Gale, and knowing he is safe. She chose to leave with him, to stay with him when he was hurt and heal him. Katniss is less selfish when he is around because she thinks less about herself and more about Gale.

    In the 2nd games the final blow to her emotions in the one sections was Gale and Prim being hurt. She couldn't handle that.

    I could go on and on. Plus, as you said, he's hot. I still see Peeta as kinda the jolly plumper kid at school. Great friend, great guy, but not the romantic character.

  9. Like Carla, I would've guessed you'd be a Team Gale girl. You've surprised me too.

    I'm Team Gale, but it's a tough call. I pretty much agree with your summarisation (is that a word?) of both of them. If Gale didn't exist, I'd be happy for Katniss to end up with Peeta. But since they're both so compelling in different ways, I make my choice based on the fact that I felt Katniss loved Gale first. We only got to know him a little in the first book but Katniss had this whole history with him. To her, he's a given and I find that more compelling than what happens with Peeta in the arena.

  10. I'm thinking the exact same thing as you about "The Tragic Ending". It wouldn't surprise me if Collins killed off Peeta. Of course, I'd be forever sad, and would start crying at the mention of these books, remembering their sad ending.
    It'll definitely be a surprise to find out with which one Katniss ends up with.

    But I really can't think of Katniss ending up with Gale. To me, she's just forcing herself to fall for him, where in fact, she loves Peeta. Gale is like her brother, it's weird to think of them as a couple.
    Maybe Peeta dies, Gale and Katniss get together, but she realises she's really in love with Peeta?

    Team Peeta! (because really, I don't get why people are TG. He's barely mentioned in the book! And they supposedly shared one kiss. One! Where's the passion there?)

  11. I need to read this book!!!!! Everyone speaks so highly of it!!!

  12. Hmm...I'm a little torn myself but my heart tells me Team Gale.

    Gale & Katniss have history. One thing I can't see is with Katniss being a strong heroine, I don't think Peeta could temper her. She needs someone who would stand up to her and I believe Gale is that person. Peeta is the sweet guy and I think that Katniss has feelings for him b/c of the games but I think she's in love with Gale. He's the one she wanted to run off with.

    Predictions for Book 3: With Peeta being the voice behind the revolution and Katniss as the symbol, I think that someone we care about will die (Peeta probably). While I will be sad if it happens, I think that a HEA with Gale with brighten my day. LOL!

    Team Gale! Why? Cause I LOVE BAD BOYS!

  13. Commenter above me, take note. Gale is not a bad boy. He's just not as shiny-white-knight-like as Peeta. Also, a selfish whiner does not a bad boy make.

    That sounds a little harsh, I know. I really don't mind Gale. To me, he's just kind of a non-entity. Steph, I hear you - Gale and Katniss kissed? Really?

    I'm Team Peeta 100%. I see your point about the tragic ending, but I hope it doesn't happen that way, because I honestly think it might ruin the whole series for me, and I'm hoping to enjoy many many rereads.

  14. LOL! I thought it was going to be a Harry Potter vs Twilight post! Can that be considered more serious???

    I'm not really on this kind of bandwagon with characters. Both have their ups and downs and at the end of the day, it comes down to brains versus brawns. Peeta can come out on top with his mind but he's not a fighter. Gale punches first and asks questions later but ultimately he's a survivor. In the situation they're in, it's not brains that are going to get them out of their situation. It'll be pure brute force. So logically speaking, I'd have to side with Gale.

    Totally windsocketed the romance on that one but he seems like the choice that'll actually make it to the end. He has enough wits about him to help him survive and he can defend himself. Peeta more often takes the role of a damsel in distress but he's damn smart. I like me my smart boys but I don't want to be saving them all the time.

  15. Oh Dear NotNessie, I was wondering when you would come and shoot me down. LOL! First Patch, now Gale. Can a girl Dream? We all have our opinions of what makes a BAD BOY and Gale definitely fits the bill.
    1. One he's doesn't follow the rules of his own district being outside of the fence etc.
    2. Whiner? Nah - he knows what he wants and he'll do whatever it takes to get it.
    3. Like Donna said - Gale punches first and asks questions later. LOL! My kinda guy!!

    It's ok to love Peeta. I adore Peeta but he's just not for me (Katniss thinks so too as far as we know).

    As far as Gale being a non-entity - I'll agree to disagree. Ask Katniss how she felt when those mockingjays were imitating him. I believe if she had a choice in saving Peeta over Gale, she'd pick Gale hands down. *Wicked laugh**

  16. LOL at your tweet...because I totally agree!

    I think the "they're too similar" thing is what really clinches it against Gale for me. He makes a better friend than boyfriend, I think.

  17. Haha, I'm surprised you remembered my comment. Even if it isn't a romance book, it can have romance IN it. ;)

    You make a lot of valid points. But I do hope that bread boy manages to live. I've grown very fond of him.

  18. Lovely post, but *sigh* I hope hope hope Peeta doesn't die! If I had to pick a team I'd go with Peeta because he's so sweet. Gale's cool though, I have to admit, but I like nice & cute rather than brooding & mysterious. Haha. :D

  19. I had the same reaction to those smoochie noms - I can't remember Katniss kissing Gale at all. Of course I'm Team Peeta!

  20. Great post! I don't remember the Gale/Katniss kiss either, though that could be because I'm Team Peeta. You prediction about the '"most tragical of tragic" endings' scares me, though it seems quite possible. But, please, no!

  21. Thanks for the post. It's really great to see what others are discussing about books I like since no one around me are interested enough to discuss them with me. I really hope that Peeta won't be killed off in the third book, because I think that then there would be no happy ending, because I don't think Katniss can bear to live with the guilt that follows his death. Though I have to admit there is a great possibility that he will die, I really hope he won't because that will only make me not wanting to even touch the book for a very long period of time.

  22. I agree that though I am slightly on the Team Peeta side, I really am very much on Team Katniss!!!
    I agree with you that the book's dystopia is so much more important than its small romantic facet. Can't wait to read the third.

  23. You've brought up some interesting ideas. I still have a feeling Gale might be the one to kick the bucket in Book 3, but now you have me thinking that perhaps this would be Peeta.

    Regardless, I think one of them is going to have to die in order to solve the love triangle. However, Suzanna Collins is inventive enough that she could write a twist that shocks us all. You never know.

  24. Team Peeta!! He would literally do anything for her!

  25. I truly hope Ms. Collins doesn't feels as though she has to kill off one of the men to resolve her love triangle. That would be a huge cop-out, imho. Or if, for whatever reason, she does feel compelled to kill Peeta, I hope it would finally make Katniss realize that he was her better half and she can't settle for Gale. Hee.

    Seriously, I may lose respect for the books if a death is what she uses to make the readers gasp. I totally didn't see another round of the Hunger Games coming in Catching Fire, so I hope she surprises us all along that vein. Because, when all is said and done, I agree that sometimes the nice guy completely deserves to win. So that makes me firmly Team Peeta.

  26. obvs this is a HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL topic, and i never seem to tire of discussing it.

    you should check out the peeta vs gale debate raging over at Forever Young Adult:

    the best part? the team gale debater is a dude!

  27. Great post! You really brought up some interesting points. My bestie thinks that Peeta will die and his death will be what really inspires Katniss to lead the rebellion, but I guess we'll have to wait until August to find out! I agree that I'm sort of lukewarm on both guys. I'm Team Katniss all the way!

  28. Uh duh team Gale all the way.
    let me explain

    It makes no sense for Katniss to go out with Peeta because
    1. His name makes me hungry
    2. Peeta is way too sweet and kind for Katniss she needs a tough guy like Gale to be her friend. I mean Peeta basically gets through the hunger games by painting himself and relying on Katniss which is F.Y.I way not manly
    3. Gale and Katniss have way too much history together it would the perfect Guy next door ending.
    4. While Gale would go to the end of the earth for Katniss, Peeta couldn,t even get up enough nerve to talk to her.


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