Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday (53)

Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols

Lori should have known better than to date a pirate.

After finally getting together and going out on their first real date, only Lori and Adam could manage to fall asleep—and wake up seven hours past Lori’s curfew. Their parents forbid them to see each other. So Lori takes it upon herself to date boys scarier than Adam until her dad gives in.

But Adam won’t play along. He’s afraid Lori might fall for these scary boys. And when she goes out with the scariest boy of all—Adam’s own brother and her ex-crush—even the threat of being sent away to military school can’t keep Adam from swashbuckling his way back into Lori’s heart.

Can this forbidden love stay afloat, or will it sink in the watery deep?

I stumbled across a bunch of dystopian novels last week, but I'm in the middle of reading some disappointing books that had attractive high-magic/fantasy/sci-fi concepts that just aren't living up to the hype, and so I decided I want something light. And there's really no better place to go for a fun, lighthearted, genuine read than Jennifer Echols.

Now, I'll tell you a story about Endless Summer. When I first saw the cover, I was appalled. I like all the books I own by a particular author to be in the same format (hardcover, paperback) and have the same cover design. But the covers of the Simon RomComs are being redesigned because the publisher felt that they weren't attractive enough to the audience they were marketing the books towards. (I am terribly, terribly saddened by the news. I love Amy's covers! I love how the RomComs are so distinctive! Ah well. Executive decisions...)

Now what was I going to do? They were going to have to redesign the cover of The Boys Next Door so I could buy matching books! Fortunately, I read on Jenn's blog that Endless Summer is actually going to contain two novels: the first in the series, The Boys Next Door, and the new story about Lori and Adam. And all for the affordable price of $9.99.


The Boys Next Door was completely adorable (see my review), and I'm glad we get the chance to go back to those characters' world. And now, for you unfortunate people who have not read the book/series yet, now's your chance!

I'm super excited.

Endless Summer will be published in paperback by Simon Pulse on May 25, 2010.


  1. Oh, I am just too excited for this book! I loved the boys next door, was such a fun cute book, and made me giggle so hard its not even cool!! Can't wait for this one and am soooo glad that they bumped up the release date!

  2. GREAT pick! I love The Boys Next Door. So cute! And I love Going Too Far. Seriously, Jennifer Echols is amazing!

  3. WOO! Will definitely be picking this one up in May. Echols is new to me -- can't wait!

  4. I love the cover. This actually sounds fab.

    PS: I also like to have all of my books in the same format and with the same cover!

  5. Carla (LovesSam) has made me very excited about Jenn's new books, so I'm looking forward to this one!

  6. I'm a definite fan of Jennifer Echols and never picked up this series! But I need to because this sequel sounds and looks amazing!

  7. i officially love jennifer echols!!!

    im going to buy all of her stuff after reading going too far!

    this book just gave me the same butterfly feeling that going too far did...its going to be excellent!!!!

    btw you won an award! :)

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  9. Oh this sounds great!! Thanks for this one!!


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