Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels, Book 5.4

Tags: urban fantasy, magic, shapeshifters


Work and play rarely stay separate for new lovers Kate and Curran—which really means that it is always work, and hardly ever play—and so when their dinner date comes to a screeching halt with the dangerous appearance of a deadly necklace, it really isn’t all that surprising. Enlisting the reluctant help of the Masters of the Dead, delusional Vikings, and scary dwarves, Kate and Curran set off to discover the origins of the necklace in order to save lives.


It’s the best day of the week…month…(year)…when a new Ilona Andrews book comes out, and it’s even better when it’s a story in Kate Daniels’ world. MAGIC GIFTS may only be a novella, but it was just the thing to whet our appetites with some more of Kate and Curran, and set our senses tingling for the arduous wait until Kate #6.

Perhaps the husband-and-wife writing team that makes up Ilona Andrews has the world’s best/wickedest sense of humor, because MAGIC GIFTS gifts us with more of the delightful humor that we love about the series. Maybe the magical scenarios get wackier and wackier as Ilona Andrews researches more deeply into more and more countries’ mythologies, but I’m willing to believe anything and everything they write, simply because A) they make the mythologies merge effortlessly with their fictional world, and B) the characters have the best sense of humor ever, all the while still being remarkably “human” (despite them, er, not being fully human).

MAGIC GIFTS is a full enough story to be a satisfying read on its own. It’s a must-read for Kate Daniels fans, though not a necessary read—although you should obviously still read it!

This e-book novella is available FREE for a limited time only--as in, only for the next couple of days--so head over to the website to get your copy now!

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  1. I really need to read some of her books - I have heard that they are so brilliant from everyone!


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