Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shanghai During the Holidays

I just love the sight of poinsettias. It's like I see them and immediately think, CHRISTMAS! The sight of them is inextricably linked to the rich scent of a whole day's worth of cooking in my great-aunt's apartment, the sweet stickiness of pine sap on my fingers, and the soft tearing of wrapping paper with family.

 Lovely Christmas tree inside a shopping center near my apartment. I particularly like the luscious BOOKS that are piled on top of the presents. 

 I have no idea who this character is, nor if it has anything to do with Christmas or the holidays (I suspect not), but isn't he so... adorably protective? I wanted to take a picture with it, but it was being bombarded by a three-year-old girl, and I thought it'd be mean of me to ruin her moment.

 Nighttime lights near my apartment. *happy sigh*

Plaza 889 near my apartment. 

 It made me feel a little like I'm home, near New York City, with the trees drenched in Christmas lights. Not a bad way to end up spending the holiday season, considering how I had been working 12-hour days by the end of December. :)


  1. Looks beautiful! I spent some time in China last year (or, wait, I guess that's LAST last year-- 2010) but I never made it to Shanghai (missed the expo, I KNOW).

    I love the "nightime lights" near your apartment-- absolutley magical.

  2. I'm amused by the Starbucks Coffee. They really are EVERYWHERE! lol.

  3. Gorgeous! Did I miss my time slot to write to you in the states? If you're already back in Shanghai, let me know (email or whatnot) and I'll snail mail you there!

  4. Pretty!

    Shanghai looks really really clean. I couldn't help but notice lol.

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these photos, Steph!

  6. What beautiful photos -- I love all the lights!

  7. Oooh Christmas decorations! It's always interesting to see decorations from other countries. Good to know that Shanghai was pretty festive during the holiday season.

  8. Super interesting Steph! :) Shanghai's always been on my bucket list whenever I go to China (I'm Chinese). After reading this, I really want to! Just curious though, how'd you manage to get onto Blogger from China?

    Crazy Red Pen

    1. I use a VPN/proxy. It's practically necessary if you want to stay connected to the outside world here. :)


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