Monday, February 7, 2011

Exclusive Video Interview with Daisy Whitney!

HERE IS ME BEING REALLY EXCITED FOR WHAT I HAVE FOR YOU GUYS TODAY. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to ask Daisy Whitney, author of the wonderful debut novel The Mockingbirds, a few questions, which she answered via video interview! And look: she somehow got the background of her vlog to be the layout of my blog!! Watch the interview to find out:
  • Why the setting of Themis is central to the book
  • The benefits of a student justice group such as the Mockingbirds
  • What movies, TV shows, and books Daisy has been loving lately
Look, look below!

If you can't view it, try watching it at Youtube by following this link. Thank you Daisy, for answering my questions, and Lisa at Little, Brown, for arranging this!


  1. Wow Steph! That is awesome! I really enjoyed watching it and it was great that your background was there too. *big grins*

  2. Great interview, Steph! It's pretty awesome that they got your header in there. ^_^

    Great interview with Daisy! I can't wait for the new book...! ^_^

  3. Daisy is way too adorable, haha. =)

    LOVED The Mockingbirds... can't wait for the 2nd book to come out.


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