Thursday, March 12, 2009


Awww big hugs go out to Jenny, Sophie, Ashley, Marie, Stephanie, and Donna for giving me this award! This is not nearly as big as the Oscars so it's not like I have an acceptance speech prepared, but what can I say? I am absolutely loving the people I've met since starting this blog and sincerely wish that I could meet you all, somewhere, somehow, someday.

I'm going to fail at nominating people because, well, lots of people have been nominated already and I like to nominate new people most of the time and I actually have to leave to drive back home soon so I'm going to use my lifeline and not nominate people. (Okay, okay, this is me ducking from the jeers.) But this goes out to all the people I've become friends with through the blogosphere. I don't know what I'd do without your support and friendship. <3

New things (plus more reviews, I'm about to finish several books) will be a-comin' to my blog soon and I'm excited about them. So stay in touch with me, please!

Oh, and thanks to Reverie for nominating me for the Proximidade award. You da man! :)


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