Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Interview and GIVEAWAY: Alexandra Bullen

Today I am hosting a stop on a blog tour for Alexandra Bullen's debut YA novel, Wish (you can view my review here). Alex has kindly agreed to answer a few questions for me and my readers about herself, Wish, and other related topics. Welcome, Alex, to Steph Su Reads!

1. Tell us about your inspiration for writing Wish.

I switched schools when I was in the fifth grade, and it was a challenge, but I've always wondered what it would be like to have to start over in high school. I’ve also always been obsessed with twins, the special bond that they share, and the different ways people handle loss. The story developed out a desire to explore all of these ideas at once.

2. What made you decide to have magic dresses?

I’m not much of a fashionista (just ask my mom, she’s forever trying to get me to dress like a “grown up,”) but I do think there’s something transformative about taking the time to get dressed up.

3. Ooh, interesting point. Dressing up has been pivotal moments in so many beloved fairy tales. So which character in your book is most similar to you?

I’m sure that all of the characters have little bits of me in different ways. Bowie was one of my favorite characters to write, because I think she’s the kind of girl I always wished I could be (or be friends with) in high school. But I’m sure that my friends would say I’m more of an Olivia – usually quiet and grateful to tag along.

4. Wish is less about a fairy tale and more about the complex and endearing relationship between two sisters. Who did you base Olivia and Violet's relationship off of?

I don’t have sisters, but I’ve always had very close girl friends. My best friend from college and I are a lot like Olivia and Violet. We were absolutely inseparable, and she was (and still is!) always on me to try new things. If it hadn't been for her I probably would have spent my entire college career in the library. She made sure we remembered to have fun.

5. What would your dream dress look like?

Probably made out of flannel or a sweatshirt. (I wish I were kidding.) I do wear a lot of dresses, but mostly because they're so easy. My favorites are the ones that look better with boots and flip flops than a fancy pair of heels.

6. Olivia and Violet went to the grandfather's boat when they needed to escape. As a teen, where did you go when you needed to get away from it all?

I played the piano from the time I was five years old all the way through high school. Practicing was hard, but it was my favorite part of the day, because it meant that I had to stop thinking about everything else: school, friends, whatever was stressing me out. It was a sort of forced escape, because it took all of my concentration at once. I loved it.

7. And finally, what is one of your book-related 2010 resolutions?

To keep writing them! And to finally get a chance to start reading again. There are so many great Best of 2009 books that I still haven’t read yet. I can’t wait to catch up!

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Thank you for the lovely answers, Alex! You can find out more about Alex at her blog, her Twitter, and the Wish website. Alex's next step on her tour will be at The Book Vault tomorrow, January 27, where she'll be guest-blogging about her writing process.

Giveaway Opportunity

If you're interested in reading Wish, here's your chance! Thanks to the generosity of amazing people at Scholastic, one lucky person will receive a finished copy of Alex's novel! You can read it for your 2010 Debut YA Author Reading Challenge, give it as a gift to your favorite female... the possibilities are endless! (But only the nice possibilities. Don't enter if you just need, like, fuel for a fire or something. The BLASPHEMY!)

The prize: A finished copy of Wish by Alexandra Bullen
Open to: Anyone with a US mailing address (no P.O. boxes, sorry)
Ends: Friday, February 12, 2009
To enter: fill out the form below!


  1. First, you rock for having such a simple easy way to enter your contest! I love it.

    Second, I've always wanted to learn to play piano, music is such a wonderful escape.

    Lovely interview!

  2. great interview and wonderful contest! You made it so easy to enter!

  3. I'm excited for this contest! I have read your blog before, but when I started my own blog I lost you somehow! I am adding you to my blog roll!

  4. I am completely with Alexandra on the book related 2010 resolution!

    great giveaway.

  5. I think this book sound quite lovely and adorable. It seems like the kind of book I could enjoy with my girls, too.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, too :-)

  6. Thanks for the great giveaway! I have been wishing for this book :)

  7. Great contest! I'll make a wish to win. ;)

  8. I'm so excited about this giveaway that I may have entered more than once. My apologies if I did!

  9. Excellent interview. Very excited about this book, thanks for hosting the giveaway.


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