Thursday, April 15, 2010

Support Libraries! Cool PAYA Auctions!

I've mentioned PAYA--or, Bring YA2PA--before, particularly in my post about donating books to libraries. PAYA is a nonprofit run by the lovely Harmony Book Reviews in order to support public libraries across the state of Pennsylvania, all of whom received a 30+% budget cut last fall. I recognize that many other states are facing similar budget cuts, and you're welcome to contact Harmony from the PAYA website if you're thinking about what you yourself can do to help your own state's libraries.

The reason for this post today, however, is to encourage you all to check out the PAYA spring auctions that are currently going on! New auctions are posted every Friday and run for one week each (although I'm currently talking with Harmony to try to convince her to keep them open for a little longer... *grins*), and all proceeds will go to PA libraries. There are so many pretty and cool things being auctioned off: signed books, handmade jewelry, manuscript/chapter critiques, and much more! The prices are also currently very low too... which is, y'know, kind of sad for us PAYA workers, but all the better for you! Please please please consider going to the auction website, checking out the items available, bidding on some, and bookmarking the site for future perusals. Now is a wonderful time for you to break out of your strictly capitalist economic endeavors and feel like a good citizen of the planet for buying some for other-than-simply-selfish reasons. Because, yeah, I like to buy things I like, but I'm also all for buying things I like that also help good causes at the same time. :)

(And yes, I did donate a bunch of things to the spring auctions. Not all of them are up this week. But you never know.......)


And if you leave me a note here or through email letting me know that you've checked out, bidded on, and/or won items, THANK YOU! and I'll try to send you something cool, or do something nice for you.

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  1. I checked it out! Fun blog for sure. Can't bid on anything right now, but I did follow PAYA. Hopefully I can bid on something in the future :)


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