Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Giveaway #13: Dangerous Neighbors by Beth Kephart (US only)

How can you not love a book by Beth Kephart? Her prose is like liquid poetry, and all the befuddled emotions in her books--the pain, the angst, the uncertainty--are clear in their haziness. Her upcoming book, Dangerous Neighbors, is historical fiction: different than her other books but with no less the potential to be relevant and poignant.


Could any two sisters be more tightly bound together than the twins, Katherine and Anna? Yet love and fate intervene to tear them apart. Katherine's guilt and sense of betrayal leaves her longing for death, until a surprise encounter and another near catastrophe rescue her from a tragic end. Set against the magical kaleidoscope of the Philadelphia Centennial fair of 1876, National Book Award nominee Beth Kephart's book conjures the sweep and scope of a moment in history in which the glowing future of a nation is on display to the disillusioned gaze of a girl who has determined that she no longer has a future. The tale is a pulse by pulse portrait of a young heroine's crisis of faith and salvation in the face of unbearable loss. [summary from Goodreads]

I got to meet Beth (for the third, fourth, somethingth time) at BEA, and she was able to sign an ARC of Dangerous Neighbors that I'd love to give away to interested readers. To enter, please fill out the form below, making sure to answer the question relevantly. This giveaway is open to US only, and ends Friday, August 20, 2010. Good luck!


  1. Great contest! I love historical fiction of any kind. Though I haven't heard of this author before. So thanks for the chance to win one of her books! :)

  2. Thank you for this contest. Your contest question inspired deep thoughts - hope you don't mind. ;)

  3. Great contest! I agree with kjovus--your question did inspire a little deep thought! And so early in the morning! haha

  4. Thanks for the contest.

  5. Thank you, Steph Su!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (((( I didn't know! ))))


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