Friday, July 1, 2011

DiYA's Diversify Your Reading Summer Challenge!

Diversity in YA, one of my favorite causes run by YA authors, is at it again! This time they've put time a spectacular summer reading challenge, complete with great giveaways. In Diversify Your Reading, participants are invited to read diverse MG and YA books over the summer, and to enter in the grand essay contest by the end of summer.

Have you been thinking about diversifying your reads, but needed the extra incentive to get started? Then Diversify Your Reading is a great challenge to do it with! Check out DiYA's blog post for more information--and don't miss the spectacular start-up giveaway that's currently going on. Additionally, DiYA founders Cindy Pon and Malinda Lo might also post their favorite essays on DiYA's blog later this year!

So much incentive, and to do what? To simply read! I'm going to do my best to write that essay for this challenge. I hope you will think about doing the same!


  1. Ohh yes. I loved this challenge.I wish i come across some really great books this reading challenge.

  2. I know this is way back in your archives, but I love this idea that Malinda and Cindy have! Every time I visit my library, I ninja in an put a diverse character title in some display place. I love it.


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