Monday, May 7, 2012

1933 Shanghai

The architecture of Shanghai is fascinating. You have modern glass-laden high-rises overlooking the red-shingled rooftops and laundry-draped balconies of older housing. Scattered throughout this city are remnants of Shanghai's earlier industrial days, now turned into art galleries, museums, and touristy places.

On Friday, I went to a building that's basically just called 1933. It's a slaughterhouse turned boutique shopping area / performance space / photographer's heaven. Late afternoon was an INCREDIBLE time to go, because there was all this warm golden sunlight splashing on stone, filtering through the nooks and crannies and bends of 1933:

I was particularly fascinated by the way they so artistically illustrated the toilets:

And, like I said, the light, the light!

1933 had these "cow paths" (left side) for--what else?--the cattle (the humans walked up tight staircases that were just wide enough for two skinny people, so that the cattle can't go there) that wound up four stories:

The view from the fifth-floor rooftop. See what I mean about high-rises/older housing? Oh, and that perpetual haze was actually on the light side that day. As in, I could see a relatively blue sky!

There was this empty ballroom-esque space that could fuel a month's worth of fictional imaginings:

This is the circular room in the center at the top, with a see-through glass floor, that could also be transformed into a performance space. It just takes my breath away:

Cool graffiti in the basement:

Next step: return when I buy a DSLR and have people willing to model for me. Can't you just taste the possibilities?


  1. oh wow steph. this place is beautiful. i would love to go there someday. seems like such a lovely place! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures! The architecture is fascinating. I love the winding walkways and the empty ballroom.

  3. OHMYGOSH. The ballrooms! I can only imagine what all went on within those walls!

    Yay for shooting during "the golden hour." Early morning and late afternoon are definitely the best times to shoot, although you're limited because it's such a short transitional time. Lovely pictures, Steph!

  4. Oh wow, this is a wonderful place! I would be such a happy photographer there - you definitely need to find people to model for you!

  5. Ah, this brings back memories. I haven't been to Shanghai since 2002. But I recall how breathtaking the architecture was then. Simply marvelous! So cutting edge.


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