Sunday, June 7, 2009

Help Needed! Ask Me a Question

You have probably begun to notice that le blog is undergoing changes. I've added a new monthly feature called Wish List (pretty self-explanatory, although the first post is here), and have a new header created by the miraculous Thao of Serene Hours, who has dumbfoundedly declined to put a signature mark on her incredible composition of colors, fonts, and that oh-so-kawaii girl. So I'm giving her credit now, as well as sometime in the future (but she doesn't know about that yet... moving on...).

Coming soon will be more blog changes, including but not limited to: easier navigation links, a review policy post, new features, and an About Me page. Now, I'm really bad at writing about myself. All that information you can find on my Facebook info page? Yeah, Facebook is so kind to give me prompts: interests, favorite books, favorite TV shows, and so on.

Here is where you come in. In the comment box below, or in an email, ask me a question. Or more than one. However many you want. They can be about anything: book or writing related, or...well, not. Got anything you're curious about that you want me to answer? Have a standard question that you ask all new acquaintances? (i.e. from How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days: "True or false: All's far in love and war") Just want to know something random, like who my fictional crush is or if I believe in ghosts? Ask away! I'll try to answer them on my About Me page.

Thanks for helping me improve my blog! :)


  1. What is your all time favourite book or book series?

  2. Have you ever had a book that you struggled to finish because it was either really scary or really upsetting?

  3. The worst and the best novels you have read?
    Kisses :)!

  4. How do you feel about sporks? *glares*


  5. If you could take a vacation to anywhere you wanted, where would you go?

  6. Who is your favorite fictional character of all time?

    Who is your favorite fictional character currently?

  7. Also, if you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? :)

  8. Ever had a crush on a fictional guy? If you read a good book, who you wants to read it with?

  9. Paperback or hardcover?? Why?

  10. Is there a published book that you wished you had written? Why?


  11. * Do you want to take your swimming to a professional level?

    * What is your ideal job?

    * Is there one book that has had an effect on the way you see other literature?

    * What's your favourite book cover and why?

  12. Where is your favorite place to set a book? Do you love books set in the American South, England, Japan, Russia?

    If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

  13. A question I often ask to people is "If you were a book, which one would you be?" I've had very interesting answers, from a simple book title to long descriptions on non-existing books! But since you're a book blogger, that's something I'd be interested to know :)


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