Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cover Lust (1)

I've been wanting to do this new feature on my blog for a while. It's simple, really: I'm just going to feature the mind-boggling, jaw-dropping, eye-widening book covers that make you want to snap and go pick up that book, right now. We've all seen those covers. Come and join me in discussing how you feel about them!

So is a fantastic place to browse for covers because they have new books coming into their warehouse almost every hour. A browse through the new items will give you plenty of new ideas. And--oh my gosh!--look at this one! :

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Besides for being an amazing book (one of my childhood favorites), I just love this new cover that HarperCollins has designed for their Essential Modern Classics series. It's colorful, mysterious, fun, and all in all just alluring. I know it definitely tempts me to buy another copy of The Phantom Tollbooth; how do you guys think it will attract new readers?

And how about this one??

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Again, part of HarperCollins' Essential Modern Classics series. I liked the related continuity of the the covers to the three books in this "series" (The Giver, Gathering Blue, and The Messenger) but I'm in awe of this cover. It gives the book a very sci-fi feel. Again, the colors are brilliant, the layout of the cover is fantastic... I'd pick this one up for sure.

So what do you guys think about these two? Or the idea of this new feature on my blog? Finally, if you have any suggestions for Cover Lust, please let me know through an email! I'm eager to put up more of these features in the near future!


  1. Oh, the new Giver cover is really cool! Totally different from the previous!

  2. I swear, Harper Collins have greatest covers ever.

  3. The Giver is one of my most favorite books of all time.

    I actually don't love the new cover. Sure, it's pretty and cool but it's kinda weird and not very subtle.

    I can see that it's trying to show how Jonas receives all the images and colors etc but I dunno. :( Maybe I'm just fond of the previous cover because it's what I'm used to.

  4. I love The Phantom Tollbooth cover, but not so crazy for The Giver one. I do think it'll draw readers in, which is good, but it makes Jonas seem more of a consumer. IDK, it's not about the Giver, I guess, and I loved the old man's face on the book I read.

    Fun post, either way :-D

  5. Just an fyi I know some adult bloggers do something called Cover Attraction, I think this is who started it:

    Who doesn't love to look at book covers!

  6. Hmmm...they are cool covers, but the Giver one is a little deceptive, imo. The Giver is a subtle, slow book--that looks like a whirlwind of adventure into new worlds...

  7. I LOVED LOVED LOVED The Phantom Tollbooth!

    The Giver, on the other hand, was too depressing.

  8. Holy crap! Gorgeous! What a great idea for a post series!

  9. Those have much nicer covers than the copies I've got!

    I love the giver! Looks really fantasy-y as well.

  10. Wow. The Phantom Tollbooth cover is so incredibly gorgeous. I'd actually been considering getting a new copy since I've misplaced my old one, and this cover just makes me want to go out and get it now. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Love the Toolbooth cover. I might have to order another copy just for that cover!

  12. The new Phantom of the Tollbooth cover looks great!

  13. Okay, I like these new posts. And Phantom Tollbooth rocks! ^^

  14. I meant new covers, but the new posts are cool too!

  15. Ok - up until reading your blog I had not heard of Book Closeouts..... and I peaked... and I have to say "oh oh...." Books and more books at great prices!


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