Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday (20)

The Sky Always Hears Me, and the Hills Don't Mind by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Morgan wants out of her life in Central Nowhere. Period. Nobody's listening, nobody cares. Even though life sucks (of course), her sane-and-urbane grandmother helps her cope with her crazy family, and her crush on co-worker Rob helps her cope with high school. Then sometimes-friend Tessa kisses her, and the world shifts. As she solves the Tessa riddle, her grandma's health collapses, and family secrets emerge before Morgan's ready for them. But, as her life transforms, Morgan discovers people *are* listening to her. She'd better start listening, too.

I forget how I stumbled upon this book with probably one of the most memorable titles out there, but read the first few pages on Kirstin's website, and you'll see why I am so looking forward to reading this. It reads like a cross between Catherine Gilbert Murdock, Julie Ann Peters, and Courtney Summers, which is a formidable combination, if you ask me. I can't wait!

The Sky Always Hears Me, and the Hills Don't Mind will be published in paperback by Flux on September 1, 2009.

What are YOU waiting on this Wednesday?


  1. I haven't heard of this one before, but it does sound interesting!

  2. I've just found out about this one recently too. It sounds great and different. I want to read it.

  3. I've haven't heard of this one either, but it sounds really good.

  4. I'm super excited for this one. It sounds so good.

  5. So far I'm loving everything about this book. The cover, the title, the description. Great pick!

    - Alex

  6. This sounds brilliant, just ordered a copy. Thanks Steph!

  7. Ooooo this one looks good. Thanks for featuring it!!

  8. I'm definitely waiting on this one too!! I found it a week or two ago on Kristi's blog (The Story Siren) =) Great choice!

  9. Thanks for pointing this one out and including a link to the first few pages. After reading them and the summary, this has been added to my (long) wish list.



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