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Author Interview with Becca Fitzpatrick!

I love Becca. Really, I do. Did I mention that I really love Becca? She was possibly the most excited author ever over that crazy week back in, like, May, when six or so of us bloggers all WoWed her debut novel, Hush, Hush, in the same week. Since then, Becca's been nothing but helpful to me, offering me an ARC, donating another ARC for a giveaway on my blog, and now answering my questions! So don't hesitate to pick up Hush, Hush when you stop by your local bookstore next Tuesday--it will make your stomach churn with deliciousness. (And if you don't believe my ENDORSEMENTNYAHNYAHNYAHNYAHFTCBLAH, you should re-check out my review of it. Even that review makes my senses tingle.) Welcome, Becca, to Steph Su Reads!

1. When you were writing the character of Patch, did you have any particular people/characters in mind when imagining how Patch looks, thinks, or acts?

I loosely based Patch on a guy I knew a long time ago. I took the memory of that guy, let my imagination run wild, and voilĂ , Patch was created. He was probably the easiest character to write, because he showed up on day one in full personality, ready to go.

2. Ooh, I know just the kind of guy you're talking about. :) How well do you relate to Nora? If you were in her situation, would you react the same way?

Oh man, I have no clue! She has a lot of pretty freaky things happening to her. As a reader, it's easy to sit back and say exactly how I'd react, but I don't think I can guess with any certainty what I'd do. Once, when I was a teen, I saw a hysterical woman at the grocery store who couldn't find her child. She was running every which way, grabbing people and shouting at them, trying to find her child. I remember thinking she should just calm down, ask store employees to stand by the doors and organize a quick volunteer party to search the store. Years later, as a new mom, I thought I'd lost my two year old in a Super Target. I freaked out. I was crying and screaming and running up and down the aisles in a panic. I'd like to think I'd be cool and calm when faced with a frightening situation, but the truth is, I'd probably flip out.

3. What was the most difficult part of the story to write? What was the easiest?

The most difficult scenes to write were the motel scenes – they're so twisted and messy and Patch is, for the first time in the novel, vulnerable. It was hard to strip down his guard and pull it off convincingly. The scenes where he's being a closed-off a-hole are much easier to write.

4. Despite his flaws and dark nature, many people would agree that Patch is extremely alluring and swoon-worthy. What do your agent, editor, and other important people in your publishing process think of Patch?

Both my agent and editor have said Patch is their favorite part of the story. He's a very strong character, one readers will either love or hate. I like that about him. He doesn't care what people think of him, and as an author, that makes him incredibly fun to work with. I don't feel like I'm always looking over my shoulder, trying to make him likable. He is who he is, deal with it.

5. Patch is decidedly a bad boy, and bad boys have an almost irresistible appeal. Who are your favorite "bad boys" in YA lit?

The first bad boy I fell in love with was Heathcliff. At seventeen, I remember thinking he was exactly the kind of guy I wanted to have fall in love with me. At thirty, he scares the candy out of me. Other favorite bad boys: Robin Hood, Dallas from The Outsiders and Nick from The Demon's Lexicon.

6. What do you do when faced with writer's block or frustrating moments in your writing?

I switch gears and update my website, blog, return emails or rethink my plot. Whenever I hit writer's block, it's usually because I've written the story into a dead-end.

7. How are you going to celebrate the official release date of Hush, Hush?

Why, I'm throwing a party! My indie bookstore, The Readers Cove, has agreed to let me throw a launch party in their store. Lots of books, friends and cupcakes. I can't wait!

8. Who would your dream author blurb for any of your books be by?

Diana Gabaldon, Sandra Brown, Richelle Mead or Laurie Halse Anderson. Dream on, Bec, dream on.

9. (Hear that, authors? Now you know what you can do to make Becca's year. *winks*) What are some good books you've read recently that you would recommend to other readers?

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey is the horror story of the year – perfect for Halloween. I LOVED Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, but it won't be out until March 2010 (mark your calendars!) The Dark Divine by Bree Despain is an excellent paranormal coming out in December. I thought her present-day take on the prodigal son was genius.

10. Anything you'd like to add?

Just a big thank you, Steph, for having me here today!


Thank YOU, Becca, for letting me be a part of this incredible journey with Hush, Hush! Drop by her LiveJournal for always interesting peeks into her writerly life, and don't forget to pick up your copy of Hush, Hush soon! It's one of those books that you will never forget.


  1. *crying* ohh you should have asked her about Crescendo!

    but, thanks for this interview :)
    this book and The Forest of Hands and Teeth are my favorite of this year :D

  2. Sounds a cool character, cool book and cool bookstore. Congratulations and have a great party.

  3. Thanks again, Steph, for the interview!! :)

  4. Superb interview. It was really fun reading it =D

  5. Nick from the Lex - ooh yeah! :D

    Great interview!

  6. Next Tuesday, here I come !!!

  7. Great interview! I can't wait to read Hush, Hush!

  8. I loved Hush, Hush!

    Fantastic interview :D

  9. I love hush, hush so much i read the series in 3 days. LOVE PATCH !!


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