Thursday, March 14, 2013

Calling Old and New Veronica Mars Fans

We interrupt your regularly scheduled day with the best news since Veronica Mars was a TV show. Which is that THERE WILL SOON BE A VERONICA MARS MOVIE! Sorry for the caps. I just--I'm having trouble expressing myself, I am so excited. I love this show to pieces. The snappy dialogue, the chemistry between the characters, the just-a-little-bit-unbelievable noir element. Arguably my favorite show of all time. I talk it up to everyone.

A Veronica Mars movie has been in the talks for years, ever since the show was canceled. Now, however, with the glorious help of Kickstarter, it's going to happen! It's going to be funded by fans! There will be lots of rewards to reap, not least of which will be the ability to reunite this cast together on the big screen.

In case you're not yet convinced that this will be the best thing you'll spend your money on this month, watch this video, and please tell me I'm not the only one who squealed with everyone's appearance:

Rob Thomas, the TV show's creator, set a very modest Kickstarter goal of two million dollars. Well, that goal was easily met the first day, which means that the movie is for sure going to happen, with shooting this summer and a limited theatrical release next spring. And the donations continue to pour in. More donations means a bigger and better movie! There are also generous heapings of rewards and bonuses to all those who donate. Go check out Veronica Mars and this hugely worthy Kickstarter project!

For more about the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter project and to donate, click here.


  1. I've never watched Veronica Mars, but honestly, you (and all the other bloggers) make me want to start. I definitely have to invest some time into the three seasons that aired!

    1. You must! I bet that you will become quickly addicted. :)


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