Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday (84)

Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick

First love, broken friendships, and heartache all play a part in this evocative, voice-driven novel about Alex, a girl whose world is ripped apart when her father’s affair splits her family in two.
Alex moves with her mess of a mother to a new town, where she is befriended by hot, enigmatic Fred—and alternately flirted with and cold-shouldered by Fred’s twin sister, Adina. Others warn Alex to steer clear of the twins, whose sibling relationship is considered abnormal at best, but there’s just something about Fred—and something about Adina—that draws Alex to them and makes her want to be part of their crazy world…no matter the consequences. [summary from Goodreads]

Since it's, y'know, Lauren Strasnick Week on my blog or something. Obviously. lol. I wanted to spotlight her upcoming sophomore novel, which I have high hopes for. I mean, there is a love triangle with twins. This puts me in the mindset of Cruel Intentions or something. Anyway. I can't wait!

Her and Me and You will be released in hardcover from Simon Pulse on October 5, 2010.


  1. I haven't read Her first book but I did read this one as part of an ARC tour and really enjoyed it. Great pick, I love that cover.

  2. This one sounds good, I hadn't heard of it. I'll be adding it to my list. =)

  3. This one sounds really fantastic! I'll definitely be looking out for it!

  4. How amazing does this one sound? It's one of the few contemporary YA picks that I've WoWed too. Definitely high on the wishlist!

  5. Hmm, definitely sounds intriguing! A love triangle with twins brings "Cruel Intentions" to mind for me too, haha. Woo, late '90s FTW!

  6. I think I've seen this on another WoW post a while ago.. possibly on I Was a Teenage Book Geek? It sounds great anyway, and I love the cover :)

  7. I really enjoyed this one... I must find the time to read her debut. ALSO, I see you're reading ANNA! Hope you enjoy. I'm kind of in love with it... and St. Clair!

  8. Love this cover!! I hope we get some good snow this winter!


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