Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Books for Sale

In light of my upcoming move, I have been going through my book collection and weeding it out. Now these fabulous books need a new home... which is where YOU come in! Pay for shipping (and packaging, if necessary), and I will ship books to you, anywhere in the world. Teachers and librarians are encouraged to look at the list because I love you like whoa and will give you special consideration. I just need these books GONE.

See the order form, which includes what books I am selling, HERE. All books are in very good to like new condition, and I will let you know otherwise. You will hear back from me in less than 3 weeks if I have decided to sell you books.

(Disclaimer: I have already donated a large number of books to my local library, so no fears! I have been doing my best to single-handedly double the YA collection at the Swarthmore Public Library. *grins*)

1 comment:

  1. Ohmygosh, I so enjoy Beast Master and Fruits Basket! I'm going to check my funds to see if I can buy some of your books!

    I think it's so sweet and generous of you to give as much as you can to the libraries. Perhaps I should do the same ^_^


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