Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bancroft Press Promotion You Don't Want to Miss!

Intrigued by my rave review for Back Creek by Leslie Goetsch? Was your interest piqued even more by my interview with the fascinating Leslie?

Now's a great chance to pick up a Bancroft Press book you've been interested in, with a freebie attached! (Ordering info for Back Creek can be found here, by the way.) Check out this special, limited time only press release from Bancroft Press:

Free Copy of Bill O’Reilly’s First Book Only Available Here

Free, limited first-edition hardcover copies of Bill O’Reilly’s first book (Those Who Trespass), a $24.00 retail value, if you buy one or more of Bancroft’s other hardcovers at full price (choose from nearly 50 other titles ). Only 397 copies of Those Who Trespass available. All in mint-condition. Limit one per customer. Get free shipping, too. Use the code TWT when paying for your website purchase (

Man, I'm sorely tempted to do this, especially looking at the amazing books that Bancroft Press is offering. Should I buy The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns by Elizabeth Leikness? That one's gotten great reviews from a variety of bloggers whose opinions I trust. But wait! What about The Case Against My Brother by Libby Sternberg? That's one I've heard about for a while and have always been curious to read. Oh, this is just too hard. Hurry and check out for a list of fantastic books, and don't miss out on this deal!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is cool. I just really want Back Creek, lol. I'm guessing shipping to the UK would be quite expensive, though.


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