Sunday, August 9, 2009

In My Mailbox (14)

In My Mailbox was inspired by Alea and is hosted by Kristi. To see what others got in terms of books this week, go to Kristi's post here.

Er, no pictures this week because I'm away from my usual residence and my brain is scattered and I have no proper equipment with me aaaaand--basically, I'm the human equivalent of a dog running around in circles confusedly. So yeah. I'll be better when I get back! :)

As You Wish by Jackson Pearce (HarperTeen / Aug. 25, 2009) - a loan from Khy for the Traveling to Teens tour, and a BRILLIANT book. Just brilliant. Can't wait until it's unleashed to the world at large...

Rampant by Diana Peterfreund (HarperTeen / Aug. 25, 2009) - from the super kind Brooke!!

The Debs by Susan McBride (Delacorte / Aug. 26, 2008)
The Debs: Love, Lies and Texas Dips by Susan McBride (Delacorte / June 9, 2009)

Offered to me for review by Susan. I've heard good things about this series and am very excited to read it! Oh, and the books came with bookmarks and and a little princess tiara! Must devise a way to use it with my Halloween costume...

Bedeviled: Daddy's Little Angel by Shani Petroff - from the author for a Traveling to Teens tour. Shani threw in some cute little ducky keychains--one angel, one devil! *falls over from the cuteness*

Dancing With Ana by Nicole Barker - offered to me by the author for review.

Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman
Ghost in the Machine by Patrick Carman (Scholastic / Oct. 1, 2009)

A surprise package from Scholastic. I don't know how much of this I'll be able to read because it's a combo scary story / story that unfolds in online videos, which is even worse than scary books because I actually have to see images of scary things! Eek! (As you can probably tell, I'm a scaredy-cat.)

Rough Magic by Caryl Cude Mullin (Second Story Press / Oct. 2009) - offered to me for review by the publisher. This one sounds interesting, a combination of Shakespearean characters and mythical lore.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner (Random House / Oct. 6, 2009) - from a Shelf Awareness promotion, I believe.

Luv Ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle (Amulet Books / Oct. 1, 2009) - another Shelf Awareness offer.

Okay! Back to running around in circles and reading...


  1. Ooh nice haul! Bedeviled and As You Wish both sound extremely cute.

  2. Great books! They look great (:

  3. Thought I'd let you know I went through all of your posts yesterday and I am thrilled/overwhelmed to see I now have a dozen or so books to add to my To Be Read pile.
    Thanks for all of your terrific reviews !

  4. I can't wait to start reading As You Wish! It's on my shelf now...I better get to it. Rampant! Evil unicorns! You got some great books this week! Happy reading!

  5. Oh wow, so much great stuff, can't wait to see what you think of them. AS YOU WISH is brilliant?! Well, in that case I should probably check it out! Happy reading :)

  6. Rampant! I can't wait for that to be released, it looks amazing (plus, I loved Peterfreund's other series). Hope you enjoy your books

  7. As You Wish sounds so good. I'm dying to read it! Too bad it's not out until the 25th...

  8. Ooh you got some great books. Can't wait to read about half of them. Happy Reading.

  9. Sounds like you had a really good week! I'm excited about Rampant and The Maze Runner, they both look ace.

    & after your Twitters about As You Wish, I'm really looking forward to my copy arriving from Amazon!

  10. Quite a week in books! Hope you enjoy them. I also received Maze Runner. I hope to get to it soon.

    There are quite a few you received that are now on my wishlist!

    Mine is up..

  11. Is it me or have you been low-key this summer? Happy reading.

  12. Oooh, Rampant!! I'm so jealous. (Er, but not in a hater way. Good jealous!)I've generally been firmly 'team zombie', but I think Rampant may give me disloyal 'team unicorn' thoughts.

    The Maze Runner sounds awesome too. Enjoy! :)

  13. Looks like you got a lot of great books. I have the Maze Runner and I heard skeleton creek is great.

  14. Wow! I've already heard about As You Wish, and it sounds so good.


  15. I've completely missed the fact that Susan (McBride) is writing YA books (off to amazon pronto). I met her/corresponded with her a few years ago about her mystery books. Time flies...

  16. "Luv Ya Bunches" is adorable, a perfect middle grade/tween title. And I can't wait for "As You Wish!" But I guess I'll have to, haha.

    Happy reading!

  17. Great books you got this week. Skeleton Creek is a really good book. Enjoy.

  18. As You Wish looks great. Can't wait to read it!! Enjoy your awesome books.

  19. I enjoyed watching the author of As You Wish on Youtube, if her personality comes across in the book like it does on the videos, it should be great!

    Just put up Bedeviled in my store and might buy it later. Looks like a lot of fun. You got a ton to read, enjoy them this week (and next!)

  20. I really want to read As You Wish and The Debs series. Enjoy your books!


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