Friday, August 14, 2009

Cover Lust (4): Maryrose Wood's Books

With the odd exception of her first novel, Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall In Love (which I absolutely adored and found hilarious), YA author Maryrose Wood has had a tremendous hand with beautiful and alluring covers. These will mostly speak for themselves, with the tiniest bit of commentary from me at the end.

Why I Let My Hair Grow Out
(Berkley Trade / March 2007)

How I Found the Perfect Dress
(Berkley Trade / May 2008)

What I Wore to Save the World
(Berkley Trade / Dec. 1, 2009)

Talk about drool-worthy, eye-popping combinations of punk-rock glam and graffiti/graphic art bold. The juxtaposition of the real model with the painted doodlies remind me of Mary Poppins a bit. The colors just make these covers absolutely fun to look at. What do you think?

Oh yeah, that odd cover of Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall In Love that I briefly mentioned back at the beginning of this post? It's the one on the right. Whaddaya think? Personally, I remember picking this one up because that totally bizarre and funny title attracted me. (Side note: I really enjoyed this book, and found it very sweet and hilarious. And it's not as racy or sex-related as the title may make you think. Check it out if you can!)

But I also love the way the words in the title are arranged in a rainbow-like manner: I'm the girl who makes it her task to rearrange her colored pencils in color order, and the one who occasionally organizes things by shade just for kicks.

One final thing: recently the fabulous Jenny of Wondrous Reads did a US vs. UK covers post on the Private series by Kate Brian. Guess who is on the cover of a UK Private book?

Yup, it's the same model as the one that's on the cover of What I Wore to Save the World, in black-and-white and without the weird hand and funky colors. Proof that book designers everywhere in the world can be creative with a limited number of stock photos!


  1. Oooh that's cool, haha it's great to see reused pictures on covers bahaha and I love all of the covers for Maryrose Wood's books are gorgeous! I MUST start on that series!!! XD

  2. When I saw the UK cover of Private at jenny's blog I was trying to remember which cover that picture was used for but couldn't. Now I know :) These three covers are really gorgeous, they remind me of ANTM pictures.

  3. Not only do I love these books, I love the covers. Though I think the best so far is the newest one (which I can't wait for!!). I would go 3, 1, 2 in my order of preference. :)

  4. I just ordered the first one - those covers are amazing!

  5. Me too Cat 3,1,2 - I'm actually seeing an Art Deco influence too ! Very nice indeed :)

  6. I love the new cover!!

    also I have an award at my blog for you!

  7. I have the first book, but I absolutely love the latest cover! It's vivacious, bright, eye-catching, and utterly awesome! Can't wait to begin!

  8. I really love these covers! I'll have to check these out for sure!

  9. I love the very first cover. The covers are so colorful and I'm sure it really helps people pick up the books and read them.

  10. Actually there are tons and tons of stock photos out there, so it surprises me that we keep seeing the same ones...

  11. To say that I LOVE Wood's covers would be quite the understatement! They are so colorful and fun and creative; what's not to like!

  12. Those covers were truly great! It made me all happy inside =D

    Will have to check this series out!

  13. I think it's fun to find similar photos on different books -- like North of Beautiful and Evermore having the same photo and Dirty Laundry and Cracked up to Be sharing the same model too.


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