Friday, December 11, 2009

Review: Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor

Tags: YA, paranormal, magic, romance

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


LIPS TOUCH: THREE TIMES consists of three short stories involving the supernatural and—what else?—a kiss that starts or ends it all. In “Goblin Fruit,” Kizzy’s excruciating desire to fit in makes her the perfect prey for a mysterious and gorgeous boy, who seems to be able to give her everything she wants. In “Spicy Little Curses,” a demon’s deadly curse forces a girl to remain mute, until the love of her life shows up and she must decide what she’s willing to risk for him. And in “Hatchling,” readers are introduced to a world of the Druj, soulless demonic creatures that keep humans as pets as the only way of experiencing life as they cannot.


It is my experience that there are far more novels in YA literature than short stories, but Laini Taylor makes you wish there were more stories as exotic, rich, and romantic as hers. LIPS TOUCH: THREE TIMES is an astonishing blend of the magical and the universal, told in elegant prose and accentuated by breathtaking illustrations.

In a genre that one may argue is overpopulated by the supernatural and paranormal, Laini’s worlds stand out because of their complexity. On the surface, things are romantically lush: exotic locales, unique predicaments, beautiful dress and decorations. All described in prose that may not be as jaw-dropping and powerful as Francesca Lia Block’s, but is still beautiful nonetheless, and perhaps more approachably so. Laini’s stories, however, are also deep: they are full of ambiguous gray areas that may cause you to think beyond the stories just being nice to read.

Jim DiBartolo's full-page illustrations are a jaw-dropping addition to this already beautiful, dual-colored book. His drawings precede each each story and tell a story all on their own, and add a sort of mysticism to these already whimsical stories.

Pick up this collection of Laini Taylor’s stories if you want to forget about the real world for a few hours and be swept away to enchanted lands full of mystery and magic.

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Writing: 5/5
Characters: 4/5
Plot: 3/5

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Cover discussion: 3 out of 5 - Lovely and unique, though it may be a bit off-putting to some readers.

Scholastic / Oct. 2009 / Hardcover / $17.99

Thank you, Sheila Marie, for sending me a copy for review!


  1. Oh sounds like a fun read - I love being taken away for a few hours at a time! :)

  2. This sounds really good but I'm just not a short story type of girl.

  3. I don't really like short stories but I'll give it a try sometime soon.

  4. In general I'm not the biggest fan of short stories, but I really like the sound of this. The fact that you describe the stories as complex is really promising - usually what bothers me about short stories is that they feel lacking in some way, but I get the impression these are something completely different. Thanks for the intriguing review!

  5. I used to think I didn't like short stories, but I've revised my opinion recently. There have been some amazing YA short story collections that have come out recently. I've decided I'm a fan. And I loved the bit of Lips Touch that I got to read before it was due back at the library. I must get it out again soon and finish it. Nice review!

  6. Oh it looks like a really fun, hot read! Gotta add this one to my TBR pile!


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