Friday, December 18, 2009

Steph Su's "Best of 2009" Book Lists

It's that time of the year! The time where I can write and put up "Best of..." lists. Yes, some of you might be thinking, "More lists? We've been bombarded with them since November / the beginning of December!" Well, you don't read blogs not to find recommendations, do you? My lists will be spread out over the course of seven or eight posts, which I'll link to here, on this post, and compile a master list of all my lists after they have all been posted. They run the gamut from standard genre bests to categories I didn't even know I wanted to write and share.

I don't expect you to agree with everything on my list, and I don't expect that these lists are the most representative of this year's books. These lists comprise of only the books I've read in 2009 (if you want to see the complete list of books I've read this year, click here); there are a lot of amazing books out there that I haven't read, and thus was not able to include on these lists. My lists are merely another place for you to jump off of, a way of getting these titles into your subconscious so that the next time you're in the bookstore, buying things for yourself or others, you might see a title that sounds familiar, because you've heard of it elsewhere before.

The titles of the books on my lists will be linked to their reviews if I've posted them on my blog. I will also link them to the other lists in which they show up.

By all means, please please please include your opinions in the comments! I'd love to hear what other books you would include if you wrote a similar list.

Special Note: Any book I read this year with a publication date after January 2010 will be included in next year's lists.

At the end of December I will put up an additional list of titles I've read between now and then that I feel also deserve extra attention.

Happy reading! :)

Dec. 18
2009 Book Lists, Pt. 1
Best Books I Read in 2009
For Fantasy/Magic Lovers
Middle Grade
Feel-Good Contemporary Realism

Dec. 19
2009 Book Lists, Pt. 2
Best Books Published in 2009
For Paranormal Lovers
Historical Fiction
Beautiful Books
Thought-Provoking Reads

Dec. 20
2009 Book Lists, Pt. 3
Best Books By a Debut YA Author
POC (Books Featuring Characters of Color)
Night-In Reads

Dec. 21
2009 Book Lists, Pt. 4
Best Sequels of 2009
For Twilight Lovers
If You Can't Get Enough of Vampire Academy
If You Like Sarah Dessen
Best Bids for Canonicity

Dec. 23
2009 Book Lists, Pt. 5
Branching Out: Adult Fiction & Classics
Summery Friendship Reads
Beautiful Writing

Dec. 24
2009 Book Lists, Pt. 6
For Boys
Great Protagonists
Use in Classrooms
Best Covers

Dec. 27
2009 Book Lists, Pt. 7
Smart Reads
Most Crush-Worthy Love Interests
For Older Teens
Give This To Your Parents Too

Dec. 29
2009 Book Lists, Pt. 8
Most Overlooked
Something Different
Short Stories
So You Want to Start Reading YA

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