Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday (55)

The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen

Mason has never known his father, but longs to. All he has of him is a DVD of a man whose face is never seen, reading a children’s book. One day, on a whim, he plays the DVD for a group of comatose teens at the nursing home where his mother works. One of them, a beautiful girl, responds. Mason learns she is part of a horrible experiment intended to render teenagers into autotrophs—genetically engineered, self-sustaining life-forms who don’t need food or water to survive. And before he knows it, Mason is on the run with the girl, and wanted, dead or alive, by the mysterious mastermind of this gruesome plan, who is simply called the Gardener.
Will Mason be forced to destroy the thing he’s longed for most?

I'm a little wary of books that involve magical plants, mostly as, with the exception of Harry Potter, I haven't come across very many that I've enjoyed. But this dystopian novel sounds quite interesting. I have in my head that greenhouse scene from The Minority Report, lol. I've heard good--albeit twisted--things about the author's first book, The Compound, and so I'm hoping this will be a good addition to the dystopian YA genre!

That cover is uncomfortably creepy for me, though...

The Gardener will be released in hardcover from Feiwel & Friends on May 25, 2010.


  1. First time I am seeing this one. Sounds interesting. I've been into the dystopians lately.
    BTW I love the new layout!

    Here's my WOW:

  2. I love the cover to this novel, its kind of eerie but in a good way and I love the different shades of green they've used, and the plants snaking up his legs are perfect!!

    It does sound a little like MI right, and I love the tagline, because even though I know it's supposed to freak me out, it makes me want to giggle.

  3. This is the first time I'm hearing about this one, and I absolutely love the cover! I'm a huge fan of dystopian books so I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one.

  4. The cover and the blurb of this one look and sound both weird and creepy. I have an audience for this at my school and will have to keep it in mind.

    My Waiting on Wednesday (or Want to Read Wednesday) post is here.

  5. This book is so awesome, Dystopia's are great and as far as I'm concerned, Bodeen's books are pretty high up on the list. I sent you an email btw so when you get a chance to read it, let me know what you think.

  6. I have this on my TBR list and I'm very glad to see it posted other places =D

  7. Sounds interesting! I read "The Compound" a while ago and though it was disturbing in some ways it was excellent! Glad to see another one by Bodeen.

  8. I am *so* excited about this one. It does sound pretty weird, but I'm all for weird. I thought The Compound was amazing so hopefully this is just as good.

  9. I think the cover is good in a creepy way and the story sounds intriguing. The Gardener is going to be added on my wishlist. Thank you so much for sharing, Steph Su!


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