Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do You Have Mockingjay Fever?

Mockingjay is coming out in five--count 'em, FIVE!--days. All you need for that number is one hand. ONE HAND! After some people waiting over a year for this last book, it's almost here, and it's been really hard for me to think of much else.

Over the next few days I will be posting a number of Mockingjay-related posts, from predictions to playlists to post-trilogy gloom (and look at that alliteration right there). Feel free to come help me geek out over its upcoming release!

Today's Mockingjay-related question is...

How will you celebrate Mockingjay's release?

I have several types of things planned for the rest of this week and the next, of course:

1. These posts. It's been fun, thinking of all these different aspects of this trilogy in a way I've never thought about books before.

2. Wearing my mockingjay pin. I really wish I had one of those all-good, legit pins, that looks like I imagine the pin Madge gave Katniss looks like. But! I have one that looks like this instead:

It's the image, printed on a black plastic/metal background, received from helping Big Honcho Media and Scholastic out with a Catching Fire promotion last year. I'm going to wear it all next week, see how many people on my campus tours will note its significance and approach me about it. Secret bookworms unite.

3. Attending a midnight release party. Specifically, at Children's Book World nearby. I was going to wait until the book arrived via Amazon, but I've decided I really cannot wait. So I'm going to get Mockingjay at midnight, and then read throughout the night. (To prep, I will, of course, try to take naps during the daytime, so I can finish reading the book.)

4. Wearing my Hunger Games t-shirt on release day. The bookworm nerdiness continues. I also received this Catching Fire promo shirt last year. It's more subtle than the mockingjay pin t-shirt that I've seen being sold in Borders, but, again, I'll have my pin, and the shirt as well, and with any luck, people will realize its significance when I wear it on Tuesday. I like my devotion to show itself subtly. I'm so excited. It's, like, the best excuse to wear this size extra-large shirt that I otherwise don't get to wear.

5. Talking up the Hunger Games trilogy to everyone! I've just about convinced my postman, a fellow bookworm, to read it, particularly when I pitched it as "a story set in the future where, each year, teens are selected to fight to the death on live TV." His eyes totally lit up with astonishment when I told him that was the premise for this young adult book, lol. And earlier this week, I let my friend borrow The Hunger Games. The next day, he asked to borrow Catching Fire. He finished both books in two days, and then reread them on the third night. I love sharing my love for The Hunger Games with others because it is a book that will genuinely interest a large range of readers (unlike Twilight, for example).


So tell me, how are YOU planning to celebrate the release of Mockingjay? Leave a comment with your answer and email address, and at the end of next week (Friday, August 27)--the last day of my week of mockingjay-pin-wearing--I'll pick someone and send a whole bunch of swag to you. Come party with me!


  1. My t-shirt was way too big for me, so I gave it to Daniel. I'll make sure he wears it though!

  2. I haven't read the books, yet. My son, however, is a HUGE fan and is so excited for Mockingjay's release!
    Please enter me in your contest. If I win, he'll get the prizes!


  3. I can't wait for Mockingjay to come out! I love this series so much. I think I will wear my mockingjay pin too!

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  5. i'll be staying up to read it that night too!! and they have gear and shirts for sale over at hot topic, which of course i had to have. :) oh and i've also been watching alot of fan trailers on you tube. those are always fun. some fan fic is good too. :)

  6. I'll be wearing my Hunger Games t-shirt on release day! I work in a public library, and a few other staff members are planning to wear their t-shirts too. :)

    I laughed aloud at "Secret bookworms unite"! One of my fellow library school classmates has a pin and I'm so jealous. If I were to see it on a stranger, I'm sure I'd strike up a conversation about it!

  7. So jealous of the shirt! I might have to see if out Borders has any of the ones you mentioned.

    To prepare for Mockingjay, I:
    1. Just finished rereading Catching Fire - so glad I did as I had really forgotten so much of the story!
    2. Am harassing my sister to buy The Hunger Games, read it, and then I promised to send her both Catching Fire AND Mockingjay next week as soon as I finish it.
    3. Have preordered my copy of Mockingjay from a local indie bookstore.
    4. Have done research, found a store that is giving copies out at midnight, grabbed a friend to go with me, and can't wait to get my copy as soon as the clock strikes 12!

  8. Love it! Ill be at Books of Wonder! Freaking out with Suzanne Collins! Can't wait until we've all read it and can discuss it!

  9. So I think I'm one of the few people left in the world who JUST got into the Hunger Games books. I heard that the cliffhanger at the end of Catching Fire was insane and wanted to wait AS LONG AS POSSIBLE to read the books to avoid the suspense. (I'm way to impatient) I read Hunger Games last weekend (and LOVED IT) and can't wait to read Catching Fire this weekend!!

  10. I will be going to a release party in my area and I will be wearing my new Hunger Games shirt. The shirt that looks like someone spray painted "Down with the Capital" on the back.

  11. Oooh, I'm so excited! I'll be running out on my lunch break Tuesday to grab my copy of Mockingjay, and I'm torn between wanting to save it to read on a plane ride and weekend vacation next week or to just read it right away. Somehow I'm thinking I won't be able to wait, and I'll just dive right in...

  12. I got a t-shirt last year, but it was too small! So I gave it to my sister for her 9th grade class as a prize. Wish I'd figured out a switch! I do have a pin, though, and it's getting pride of place this week. Oh dear, I don't know if I can deal with the anticipation... DAH! Ha.

  13. oh gosh, how I wish I had one of those t-shirts! They're a must have!! :D
    Hmm, I think I'll try going to the midnight release party...although transportation will be aproblem for me.
    And if I do go to it and manage to get my hands on a copy, I'll do thesameand read the whole thingovernight. Then re-read it thenextday. YES!

  14. I am number 96 on the waitlist at my library but I may need to just buy the book, especially since I own the first two.

  15. I have a pin too, and intend to wear it proudly! We are planning a trip to purchase it that day after work. Thanks!

  16. I am just going to be a hermit and not leave the house until I finish it, im sure! :) I can't wait! I don't have a pin, or I would wear it!!

  17. I posted a few build up posts with my cast picks and soundtrack. Then we had our own mock death match in the back yard (with fake blood) - and posted the pictures on my blog. Yes, we're way too old for that, but it was a blast! Next week I'll post the outtakes on the day MJ is released and most likely spend the entire day reading under my desk at work!

    cla37619 at gmail dot com

  18. Hey, Steph!

    I've been following your blog, but I don't think I've commented before. Anyway, I didn't realize Children's Book World (in PA, right?) was having a release party. Too bad I have to work the next day, or I'd go.

    But I am planning on attending the PAYA event this weekend. Maybe we'll run into each other. :)

  19. I need to figure out what I'm doing...I sent a list of ideas to my local bookseller, but I don't think he's going for it. Too bad.

    I linked to your post from my Mockingjay Madness entry. Here's a link:

  20. Oops. Email:

    mrsderaps @ hotmail . com


  21. Well, I've already drove my friends and family crazy by talking about Mockingjay, I'm sure it's going to get worse, lol. Then I'll probably pick up a copy and buy some more Mockingjay merch from Borders or Hottopic (I bought a keychain yesterday, it's awesome). I might bake a cake in celebration (cause I need an excuse to bake a cake). And then I'll be shut-in my room until I finish the book!

    yvonrobin at gmail dot com

  22. I can not wait for Mockingjay. I've had it ordered at my bookstore for ages but then I realized Id be in the UK when it came out! I simply can not wait any longer though, so Im going to buy the UK version too :)

    enjoy your week of celebrations!

  23. I'll be waiting for the doors to open at my local B&N at 9am, long after you'll have probably already read the whole thing. :( Have fun at the release party at Children's World! I'm sure it'll be fantastic!

  24. I just re-read Hunger Games and Catching Fire, I'll be wearing my pin, and at the doors at 9am!

  25. I see you are going to Children's Book World? Are you going to the Suzanne Collins signing on September 22? I'll be there!

  26. I'll be wearing my Mockingjay pin and working at the library. I'll have lots of visitors after school asking if we have the new book in yet...and being very disappointed that all copies are already on hold. There's sure to be a bunch more names on that list before the day is through. Heh. And I'd be very surprised if we have any of the first two books left on the shelf either.

  27. I'm planning to celebrate by telling all my friends to read The Hunger Games trilogy. :P


  28. Since I'm 12 hours ahead of you, I'm planning to hunt Mockingjay in bookstores for the first half of the day just in case they release it on 24th here, and not 25th. (Fat chance.)

    Next 12 hours will consist of me sitting in front of the computer reading everyone's tweets and the news about Mockingjay's release. After that, on the 25th I'm off to get my reserved copy of Mockingjay! :)

    Wonder if they'll have Mockingjay goodies?

  29. I have just finished rereading the first 2 books and I'm sure I won't be able to sleep at all tonight! Team Gale all the way with a new love interest for Peeta whom I love equally!!

  30. I wore my mockingjay pin and shirt all day! I reread the first two books and then when I got Mockingjay I finished it before I went to bed.

    adsanders77 at

  31. I just finish reading The Hunger Games and now I can't wait to start Catching Fire and then Mockingjay!
    I'm so curious to know how it all ends.
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  32. At the girls' school where I teach we've celebrated by making a long waitlist to read the books and by posting a link to your blog! We'll be celebrating as soon as we get the two copies we ordered in the mail.

    Thanks for helping build the excitement!

    Mr Jason

  33. Please, count me!

    I could not wait to read it, as I had in my hands, I devoured it instantly. I had to go to work the next day, but I did not sleep until I finished the book. It was in the morning, eyes swollen, plus was sick, but even that stopped me. I love this trilogy!


    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Take care,

  34. I'm going to go and buy the book, and wear my t-shirt to the bookstore!!



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