Friday, August 20, 2010

You Guys, I Think I've Switched Teams

Approximately a week's worth of Mockingjay-related posts on my blog continues today, in which I proclaim something shockingly horrifying to half of The Hunger Games' readership and eye-rollingly "we're glad you've finally come around" obvious to the other half:

*gasp* I'M TEAM GALE NOW??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!? I specifically remember writing a post a few months back when I listed the pros and cons of each guy/team and then declared that I leaned more towards Team Peeta. What changed between then and now?

Well, what changed is that I reread the books.

It was inevitable, the rereading. Every day I go on Twitter and read that someone else I know has been rereading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire in preparation for Mockingjay. While I felt I had a pretty good impression of what happened in the first two books, I decided to reread them in order to make sure I was remembering everything accurately.

Boy, it was even better the second time around.

The complexity! The layers! The tension! The writing! The action! Qualities of a beyond-words amazing series that I will reread for decades to come. I reread to inform my predictions for Mockingjay, but in the meantime I started noticing things about the love triangle, things that kind of made me sad (in that I was switching teams) but that also made me feel certain this is right).

Note: as always, if you haven't read the first two books and don't want spoilers, don't read on!

Katniss realized that, in a perfect world, one where the Hunger Games doesn't exist and she doesn't have to worry about her kids being reaped, she and Gale would've gotten together eventually. Not just because everyone assumes it of them, but because the two of them really understand one another. Katniss is rarely comfortable around people, but is astoundingly loyal to those she loves, like her mother, Prim, and Gale. For a girl who finds it hard to be herself around most people (and I can relate to her on this), establishing a comfortable-enough relationship with a guy is so rare that, when that happens, you want to hold onto it for as long as you can. It's unfortunate that it takes the Hunger Games and Peeta for Katniss to realize just how important Gale is to her, but that's what she does realize over the course of the two books.

This may be a reference that some Hunger Games fans might find appalling, but in rereading and informing my Team Gale position, I kept on thinking about Bella's realization regarding Jacob in Eclipse. All along Bella is very certain that she loves Edward inexplicably and unconditionally, but in Eclipse, she does realize that, had she lived in a normal world, one where vampires and werewolves didn't exist, Edward would not exist, but Jacob still would (only he would not be a werewolf), and then she and Jacob would've fallen in love and had a future together. I don't have direct quotes with me, but there's that line in Eclipse when she says she can see the entirety of their future mapped out before her: marrying him, raising their children, growing old together. In a normal world, Bella and Jacob would've been perfect for one another (and the Renesmee deus ex machina wouldn't have had to be invented, friggin' cop-out).

In a normal world, Peeta and Katniss might've crossed paths, but he, like everyone else in District 12, would've assumed that Gale was her boyfriend, and thus would not have approached her with his love for her. Katniss would've eventually realized that she thinks of Gale as more than just a friend, and then they would've gotten together, perhaps raised a family, grown old together.

But this is not a normal world.

The verdict? Katniss is Team Gale. As I am, in the very end, Team Katniss, so I am Team Whichever-Guy-She-Loves-More. And since I think she realizes Gale is the guy for her, thus I am Team Gale.


What do you guys think? What are your reasons for Team Gale or Team Peeta? Will you embrace my switch lovingly, or will you banish me from your Google Reader into the realm of cyber-Pluto?

Like I said, I'm really Team Katniss, and I can see the numerous ways in which the love triangle might resolve. Tomorrow I'll share with you some of my theories regarding the outcomes of Katniss, Peeta, and Gale.... Read if you dare!


  1. I'm right there with you. I was honestly baffled at the end of each book that people were on different 'Teams.' I thought it was pretty obvious that Gale was the healthiest and most obvious relationship for Katniss *in a normal world*. This isn't to say that I'm sure she'll end up with Gale. I think that Collins is going to play with our emotions and do some crazy stuff. I'm 'Team Katniss,' though, and I keep hoping beyond hope that she'll get to live a semi-normal life one of these days...

  2. Welcome to the team! Even though I say I'm Team Both quite frequently and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Peeta, because honestly, how could you not...Gale is the one! He's in like 10 pages of The Hunger Games and you remember him so well and feel the tension Katniss does everytime he's in her thoughts or she tries to think of Peeta and Gale together. I kind of don't care who she ends up with because I love them both and trust Suzanne Collins so much to make the ending spectacular and exactly what it needs to be, but deep down I think its Gale. I've long suspected that Peeta will sacrifice himself for Gale, but we'll see, could be reversed...4 more days!!!!

  3. Thank you for explaining so eloquently why Gale is THE right choice! Clearly during Hunger Games and even during the beginning of Catching Fire I think Katniss has wanted things to go back to normal, even though pre-Games normal really sucked. Gale is a huge part of that "normal." Her relationship with Peeta is really complicated because of the fake love story and all that they've been through together, but it's Gale who has always been there and will always be there (unless Collins is really really mean).

  4. It's weird because I always thought of Peeta as the Jacob. He's the guy that Katniss never thought about before but all of a sudden is wanting to spend more time with. And although she's with her true love Gale, she can't get over Peeta (aka Jacob).
    I'm Team Peeta, not for couples, more like he's my favorite character in the whole book. Peeta is the best, and I hope if Katniss doesn't choose him something good will happen to him. Can't hurt Peeta D:

  5. I remember that part of eclipse.. one of my favorite of the twilight saga..

  6. I can never choose between Peeta and Gale. Even though I loooove Peeta to pieces (for myself and for Katniss) and even though I secretly know that Katniss really wants to be with Gale deep down, it's just so difficult! If Katniss ends up with Gale (which I think is more likely to happen), I'll cry for Peeta. I mean, he's just a really good guy. But at the same time, I'll be really happy for Katniss. I don't know, it's just so complicated! I can never get my mind off of this love triangle. I love it. And I bet I'll cry while Mockingjay.

  7. Hmmm...I'm not sure I buy that normal world argument. Might katniss and gale have "ended up" together? Maybe. But who would I have "ended up" with if I never left my hometown? I had a "Gale" there and it would have been settling.

    If it's not Peeta, Katniss, let it be no one.

  8. Oh no! What have you done! Have you really thought this decision through?! ;)
    Honestly though, I don't think Katniss made a decision IMO. She did when Gale was injured but then the circumstances changed. I think that Kat is going to really start to understand her feelings, whatever they may be, in Mockingjay. I also have a suspicion that one of the boys is going to die heroically. :( I hope not! But I think it could happen!
    Anyway, like you said, I'm team Katniss and I'll be happy with any decision she makes.
    Can't wait to see your predictions!

  9. What Lenore said.

    Also, I think Katniss and Gale are wayyy too much alike, they would just butt heads constantly.

  10. Hate to be the one to do it, but since I'm a loyal (though objective) member of team Peeta I have to play devil's advocate:

    Despite what may have been, the Games set Katniss's life on a new course, to fame, revolution, and yes, Peeta. Gale may be who she would have been with had that not happened, but it did. Katniss and Peeta have been through a lot together, it wouldn't be so improbable...

    But in YA your first love is usually also your last, so team Gale fans can rest easy.

  11. "But in YA your first love is usually also your last, so team Gale fans can rest easy."

    I'm with Mary above -- so true, and well said!

    I'm totally Team Gale, by the way. He's just... broody, capable, smoldering. Basically, he's hot. And I've decided that's a good enough reason to give him my full devotion.(I'm shallow like that!)

  12. I swing back and forth constantly. I just can't decide but while I think Katniss thinks she's in love with Gale, it's old feelings and she's going to realize she really loves Peeta. But then I think Peeta's going to die *sob* I don't think I've ever spent so long thinking up endings for a series. CAN NOT wait!

  13. I've always been Team Gale. BUT... really, I don't mind if Katniss gets with Peeta. I just REALLY hope that Suzanne Collins doesn't kill off one of them.

  14. Welcome aboard, can I interest you in a COCKTAIL?

  15. That's about why I'm Team Gale. In our world, Peeta would be a great choice - sweet, clever, devoted. In Katniss's world, she and Gale practically function as a married couple. They're, as you said, comfortable.

  16. Team Gale welcomes you and offers you a cozy chair by the fire.

  17. You make a point, but I'm more of a Team Peeta. Gale is too much like Katniss, with Peeta, their personalities can bounce off. Opposites attract! But I get what you mean about Peeta!

  18. I've been Gale all along. Peeta is a sweetheart and worthy of love, but Gale is the one Katniss gravitated toward and enjoyed being with before the world was flipped on her. They had each other's backs, always.

  19. I think Katniss should get to have them both! :-) That would be one happy ending!

    I will be disappointed if Katniss ends up choosing neither for the sake of independence. I do want her to end up with someone (both? please?) and I would feel let down if she doesn't end up with one of them. I also really don't want the decision to be automatically made for her by a death of one of the boys.

  20. Meee tooo :o) though, I've always been team Gale.

  21. What Lenore said!! I love Peeta and I think Katniss is slowly realizing that, think the ending of Catching Fire and those two kisses.

    And as others have said, I am really afraid that someone (PEETA) is going to die. I just dont see how this story will have the HEA like the end of Breaking Dawn.

  22. I'm really Team Katniss, too. Whatever happens, whomever she picks...or if something happens to Peeta or Gale or both of them, I'll still love the Hunger Games. I'm not a fair-weather fan, lol.

    However, I do lean Team Peeta, because Peeta's personality challenges Katniss. I feel that Gale keeps her inside of her comfort zone. Authors are all about character growth and I feel that she's changed more with Peeta in her life. (Although, I do love Gale...I imagine him to be a sexy Robin Hood type).

    Either way, not much longer until we know! Yay!

  23. In HG, I was Team Gale. I felt the same way like you, Katniss and Gale would have been together if not for the Games. But in CF, I switched over to Team Peeta because I really disliked Gale's attitude.

    Looks like I'll have to reread HG and CF and come up with my own theories. :)

  24. I'm definitely Team Katniss. I was talking with a friend who said she didn't think Katniss should end up with anyway, because she's just got way too much emotional baggage to work out to even consider making someone else happy--girlfriend has to focus on herself!

    But, in that case she manages to do that and there's still a few pages left...

    I'm Team Gale, all the way. Here's my feeling: Peeta and Katniss's relationship is grown out of the Games, and no matter how happens or who they conquer in Mockingjay, the basis of their relationship will be in the arena. And I think they're both broken inside in some way by that, but I don't think they could fix one another because it's the same kind of broken.

    Gale, on the other hand, was from the "before world" and offers a relationship that is not solely based around the games. ALSO, Katniss was "told" in HG to be with Peeta--whereas in CF, when Gale is sleeping off his wounds in her house, she looks at him and realizes that she loves him and chooses him.

    So yes. Team Gale all the way!

  25. Yeah, I'm really Team Katniss, but between Peeta and Gale, I'm definitely Team Gale. I'm glad you joined. :)

  26. I've always been Team Peeta and, even post-Mockingjay, I still am!

  27. I'm pretty much Teem Peeta, but now I feel like I should reread the books and see if anything changes. Hmmm... I wonder if I can read them both in the next 24 hours?

  28. im totally a team gale he is amazingg!!! cant w8 4 mokingjay!!!

  29. I'll always be Team Peeta at heart but I think that if I were to lean in any other direction it would be Team Katniss and only Katniss. Gale is great and has been a faithful friend to her but I just can't get past the idea of the bond they sharing feeling much more like siblings than lovers. So in the end (and now having even more to reflect on having read Mockingjay) I feel like no matter what Katniss is her own girl and knows her own mind. If she ends up alone that is a-ok.


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