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How Might Mockingjay End?

I generally don't spend a lot of time speculating beyond what the author has provided for us. Spin-offs, companion novels, "guide to's", fanfiction... I generally don't do any of that. But with talks of Mockingjay around EVERYWHERE, I couldn't help but think, you know? I've been thinking about this more or less for the past year or so, and with less than a week to go before Mockingjay's release, I figured I might as well talk about my theories a little.

If that's totally not the type of conversations you like to engage in, you're better off not reading this post. And this post assumes that you've read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Okay! So.

When I think about how Mockingjay might end, I don't even try to think about the revolution part, except for generalized HEAs. I have no doubt that Suzanne Collins will astound and impress me with the complexity of the resolution, and I can't wait to find out how it's going to happen. But there is something we all like to speculate on: how in the world will the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale end? A truly important question, folks.

Right. Well, maybe not important, but definitely fun to talk and speculate about.

The way I see it, there are five possible endings to the love triangle:

1. The Romantic - The Capitol is overthrown and a new era of peace and cooperation among the Districts begins. Gale and Katniss get together. And Peeta survives to become the new voice and leader of the next generation, acquiescing that it was only due to unnatural circumstances (i.e. the Hunger Games) that Katniss had feelings for him. That way, Gale and Katniss' years' worth of unresolved not-quite-as-platonic-as-they'd-like-to-think relationship evolves, AND Peeta doesn't have a death wish and can find a satisfying future as well.

2. The Pragmatic - Gale dies in the midst of rebellion, or is in some way or other removed from the triangle, and while Katniss is devastated with grief, she realizes that, by Peeta's side, the two of them can help to transform the post-revolutionary nation, and Gale's death will not have been in vain. Depressing for both Team Gale fans and Katniss (I still maintain she has had deep feelings for Gale), and decidedly unromantic... but still livable and even hopeful.

3. The Tragic - Peeta dies, perhaps in some horribly shocking, Sirius Black- or Albus Dumbledore-esque way, perhaps right in front of Katniss, at the hands of President Snow in the despicable man's last jab to devastate Katniss. Gale and Katniss naturally get together, of course. But poor Peeta. He suffers through the entire series and nothing EVER works out in his favor. God, I'm getting depressed. I need to go eat something happy-making now.

4. The Heroic - Katniss dies in a powerful symbolic death at the very end of Mockingjay, effectively ending the narration, of course, but the story is already in a position where we can see how Katniss' sacrifice will pave the way to a better and brighter tomorrow.

5. The Insane - Both Peeta and Gale die. Katniss is forced to have a clean slate. WHY, GOD, WHY? *depressed*


Which of these would you prefer as the ending to Mockingjay? Which do you think will most likely occur? Do you have other ideas?

And now, just for fun, some images that come up when you GoogleImage "Team Peeta/Gale":
So much win. So much. In a, y'know, endearing way.
Yo, who's the Peeta on the left? I could totally see him as Peeta. (And if that's Alex Pettyfer then I change my mind. Alex has gotten too...manly. I picture Peeta as having almost a baby face: very kind features.) That's not how I picture Gale though.

Or how about this "Peeta vs. Gale: How's a Girl to Choose?" t-shirts from Maybe Mockingjay will be the first YA book to condone multiple-person marriage?
LOL. The greatest debate. Haha. That is debatable. Although understandable why people (including me) would think or say that.

[ETA] Some bloggers have brought to my attention that Twitter conversations and other blog posts regarding Mockingjay predictions have occurred within the last few weeks. I wanted to clarify that I was not involved in any Twitter conversations discussing possible Mockingjay endings, and have not read others' posts regarding the subject. I was not aware that these things have been happening. These theories in this post have spouted completely from my mind, and I do my best to ALWAYS give credit to inspirations or thought provokers if my writing about something was sparked by their writing. If you'd like me to link to your Mockingjay prediction post, I'd be happy to do so. Please email me at stephxsu at gmail dot com.


  1. Good ideas. I prefer option #1, but that feels too normal. I think SC melded #'s 2, 3, and 4 together somehow.

  2. Awesome ideas! I want it to be number 1 or 3, but I have a horribly sad feeling its 2.

  3. While I'd love 1 to be the outcome, I have a feeling that someone important is going to die. So, I'd be happy with any of the endings excluding 5.

  4. I have gone through all these ideas too! I think they all are possible! I think Collins is setting Peeta up to be a leader. To bring people together. Does that mean he won't die? I have no idea. I think someone will die. If (when?) the revolution is over with, what would Gale do? Besides possibly be Katniss's husband. I think that Peeta has a bigger future ahead. He needs to live. Maybe I just telling myself that because I don't want him to die ;)
    I also think it is very possible that Katniss will sacrifice herself for the cause.
    Who knows!! I just want to read it!!!

  5. I have feeling that one of the three are going to die too. I think that boy is Alex Pettyfer when he was younger. I still wouldn't mind if he was Peeta in the movie. :) I still have hope that something great will happen to all the characters. Even if it is unlikely. Thanks for sharing this post with us Steph.

  6. COMMENTING FOR ETHAN PECK even though he does not fit as Gale BUT STILL HE IS ETHAN PECK

  7. I have had this theory since I finished Catching Fire and even though it doesn't end well and will break my Team Gale heart, I do believe thats whats in store -

    Katniss and Gale will grow a lot closer over the course of Mockingjay. This is Gale's time to shine. He will come into his own as a strong male character worthy of Katniss (he already is in my eyes). Him and Katniss will come up with some crazy insanely diabolical plan to save Peeta and overthrow President Snow. Gale being the man that he is, will gather the troops and be the spearhead in the rise against the Capitol, he will be the king od the rebellion, which obviously means that he will be in a death match with President Snow. I think he will give President Snow the killing blow and then somehow get dealt with himself, either by a stray arrow or something as bad. He will die. BUT he will have overthrown the Capitol and won the rebellion for all the districts. Katniss will settle for Peeta, and eat lots of cakes.

    I am seriously hopeing for Number One!! really, that is how I would *like* it to end, but really, Collins is going to destroy some of us with her ending.

  8. I think that Katniss and Gale will declare their love for each other BUT katniss will then sacrifice herself to save Peeta because she knows he is the person needed to lead the rebellion. The book will end with the Capitol broken but not beaten.

    I really hope it is Number One though!

  9. Lol! Where's the HEA with Peeta?

    Fun predictions, though. I just finished it at the crack of dawn this morning and I can say that the suspense lasts until the last chapter.

  10. Only a few days until we find out...I linked to this post in my Mockingjay Madness entry:

  11. It was so nice to meet you Steph!!

  12. I like the second Peeta/Gale photo much better than the first! Talk about a baby face.

  13. I've always thought Gale would die, so Peeta and Katniss could lead the revolution together. However after re-reading the 2nd book I think there is a lot of foreshadowing for Katniss (and prob Gale) to die, leaving Peeta to lead the revolution with Katniss as a martyr and symbol. So either way, I think Gale will die. Sorry Gale.

  14. I like your different theories! I would love a variant of #1-- I'm a Team Peeta girl, so I want Peeta and Katniss to end up together, but I'd like Gale to have a happy ending too.

    I do agree with some others though, one of the main three is probably going to die. :(

    And I have another theory of what might happen over the course of the story! I think Katniss's father is still alive, and was staying at District 13.

    This makes sense to me because 1) Katniss's father is really well developed for a character we've never seen. And 2) in Catching Fire we are introduced to two characters who essentially faked their deaths in a factory explosion and escaped. What if Katniss's father wasn't in the mine the day it exploded? Hmmmm.


  15. Pretty sure it's going to be #2. Booooo.
    My husband is positive that Gale and Katniss will turn out to be related.
    I can't wait for Tuesday!!!!!

  16. Great theories! My thing is that President Snow is going to want to hit Katniss where it hurts and he doesn't buy the whole Katniss-Peeta thing, so that leaves Gale... We shall see very soon! :)

  17. Those were awesome theories. I'm not sure I know how I want it to go.

  18. I've kinda always assumed Katniss will die in action, or will choose neither of the two. But if she chooses, I think she'll choose Peeta...the only other person who can truly understand the horrors that she has seen.

    But, really, I'd be surprised if Peeta does not give up his life for her.

  19. Interesting speculations! I have to admit I didn't go much beyond the very small speculation I contributed to Lenore's post for Dystopian August. There were just so very many ways it could turn out. Knowing the end now I can't say I'm entirely surprised (not that I would have been surprised by anything honestly) at how it came around.


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