Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thought Bauble (1): Digital vs. Print

Thursday Thought Bauble is a (pretty much) weekly appearance on my blog where I bring up a topic/ask a question, voice my opinions about it, and ask you to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Today's Thought Bauble: Digital vs. Print Library?

With all the talk of Google Library and Microsoft doing basically the same thing, the world is anticipating the shift in libraries from print to digital. However (and I think that many of you will agree with me here), I fervently wish it WON'T be so. There is just too much you miss by having a digital library, not to mention all the cricks in your neck and the eyestrain and the ruined eyesight you get by sitting for hours reading a computer screen. I mean, you get cricks in your neck through either way of reading, but I'd rather my cricks be from craning my head sideways to read the titles on a shelf full of desirable books...

Rather than go on and on about the library atmosphere and the connections you make with fellow readers and librarians, I want to hear what you think. Preferences between digital or print? What do you foresee for our future?


  1. I will never be able to read an entire book sitting at a computer or on a little device. To me I want to hold the book , dare I say smell the book ( new ones only!), have a tangible piece of work in my hand. But maybe I'm just a dinosaur....

  2. Agree with Luanne. You will never see me reading a book through a screen. Great idea, but not for me. Guess I'm just old-school. (:


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