Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Week's Giveaway Roundup

I link to blog contests I know about in my sidebar, but I figured it might be easier to make this into a post at the end of every week. Here are the new contests I've encountered over this week, arranged by ending date.

Half-Birthday Contest (Stephanie), March 1

In the Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (CupcakeWitch), March 2

Paper Towns by John Green (The Shady Glade), March 2

The King's Rose by Alisa Libby (Lauren), March 3

3 Books (Ashley), March 7

The September Sisters by Jillian Cantor (Lauren), March 13

How to Ditch Your Fairy (ARC) by Justine Larbalestier (me!), March 15

5 ARCs Giveaway (Amy), March 30


If you're hosting a giveaway and/or know of one that you'd like me to add to this post, leave a comment and I'll update as soon as possible. Don't forget to check my Contests sidebar for other ongoing contests that may or may not be ending soon!


  1. Hey Steph, don't forget that Book Giveaway Carnival (see is March 2-8 - LOTS of books being given away -

  2. Hi Steph,
    I'm hosting Little Lov'n Monday with a giveaway. A great way to link to other bloggers and win a free book. Come by.

  3. You just won mine!!! Congrats! :)


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