Thursday, February 26, 2009

A small but necessary life update

So I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm in the middle of reading How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier and, WOW! I haven't read something this fun in a long time. I absolutely can't wait to write and post my review because those of you who have not been fortunate enough to read this delight will want to pick it up the first chance they get!

And don't forget that you can win an ARC of How to Ditch Your Fairy on my blog here. Trust me, you won't want to miss out. :)

As for other news, I was at my college swimming Conference championships this weekend, and look what I got!

That's my fellow breaststroker, Rosalie, on the right--she did AMAZING and dropped at least 4 seconds in every one of her events. And that's me on the left... with my gold medal! Yes! I managed to beat out the top-seed 200 breaststroker by .03 seconds (that's, like, a fingernail's length). Standing on the way top of the podium was terrifying. (Also, the fact that I was Conference champion still hadn't sunk in yet at that point--although it hasn't really sunk in yet now.)

But anyway. Competition is fierce in the breaststroke events, and I'm just happy that I've made one of my goals for my college swimming career come true. Next year is a different story, but you can bet I'll be right back in the thick of the lot, making waves.


  1. Woah you're so good! You look great in the picture with the medal :D
    you should teach me how to swim some day, i'm kinda of bad at it lol

  2. Congrats Steph! It sounds like a lot of hard work - well done!

    How to Ditch Your Fairy sounds great, can't wait for your review :) Oh, and your mate has a rockin' name! (Rosalie.. how cool?!)

  3. Wow, you won by a fingernail! Craziness! CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome - hooray for achieving your goal, although it hasn't sunk in yet :)

    I'm glad you like HTDYF! I was not a major fan, but I think it would fit better in your alley based on your love of swimming! (I'm not sporty in any way.)

    P.S. Speaking of which, perhaps you have a win-by-a-fingernail fairy? :P

  4. Just like Mr. Phelps (though I know breaststroke isn't his best event). I never swam competitively, but I do a mean sidestroke :)

  5. Congratulations, Steph! I really want to read How to Ditch Your Fairy, it sounds brilliant!

  6. Congrats! Thats so awesome! You should post more blogs about your swimming. I think I'm going to start doing more updates about my snowboarding since people in the blogosphere like updates. Congrats again!!!

  7. Congratulations on the gold! That's awesome :D

  8. Wow! Congrats! I love seeing people accomplish their dreams... cute picture too!

  9. Congratulations! Are you related to Michael Phelps or something, LOL? (:


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