Thursday, April 16, 2009

Support Teen Literature GIANT GIVEAWAY!

Today is April 16th, or Support Teen Literature Day; do you know where YOUR books are? Hehe I'm just kidding. In honor of this very important and enlightening day (Amazon be damned), I am holding a big giveaway.

Oh, sorry, maybe the message didn't come through clear enough:


Get excited! As per your recommendations when I asked what you'd like to be given away on my blog, I am giving away bundles of both old AND new books that I really enjoyed.

The Old (aka the Tried and True)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler
Flipped by Wendelin van Draanen (review)
Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta (review)
The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley
Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty (Perfect Fifths review)
Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock (review)
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

The New (aka the Stuff You Should Be Checking Out)
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey (review)
If I Stay by Gayle Forman (review)
Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender (review)
Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R. J. Anderson (review)

(Note: the "new" books may or may not be ARCs.)

There will be THREE (3) random winners.
1st winner gets their choice of TWO (2) of the "new" books and THREE (3) of the "old."
2nd winner gets their choice of ONE (1) of the remaining "new" books" and TWO (2) of the remaining "old."
3rd winner gets the remaining "new" book and one out of the remaining "old."


Ready to support teen lit? (As if you didn't already.) Here's how to enter--and it would do you well to read everything carefully before entering:

Leave a comment describing how you have been and/or plan on supporting teen literature in the present and future.

You don't have to be creative or put too much thought into your answer. However, it should be more than a phrase long. And you MUST answer the prompt above or you will be automatically disqualified from the giveaway. (I'd also rather not see answers like, "duh, I read" or "I have my blog." How else besides in those two ways do you support teen lit?)

+++Also there is a SPECIAL PRIZE for the most well written answer to the prompt, of THREE (3) 2009 RELEASE BOOKS (hardback or paperback; can include paperback reprints) OF HIS OR HER CHOICE. The special prize winner will also be featured as a Friday Featured Blogger and will basically get heaps and heaps of fame and praise piled upon him/her.+++

Oh, and I may or may not be adding more books to the giveaway pile, but I'll keep you updated on that...

*****And if any kindly author likes the idea of what this giveaway is about and would like to help a funding-handicapped college student out via donations of books or swag, please do not hesitate to contact me at stephxsu at gmail dot com. I promise you I will do all I can to promote you and your books as a thank you for your kindness and dedication to the cause. :)*****

For extra entries:
+1 if you follow me/already follow me (and let me know here!!! a Reader is okay)
+1 if you link to this contest somewhere and leave me the link (1 entry for every place you link this to--Facebook, MySpace, etc.; sidebars are okay)
+1 if you add me to your blogroll and let me know
+1 if you let me know from whom or where you heard about this giveaway
+1 for every person who lists you as his/her referrer to this giveaway
+1 for each giveaway book review that you comment on. (Links to the reviews are above next to the titles for your convenience; I will be posting more reviews of giveaway books up in the future, so watch out for those.) Let me know here that you've commented on the review(s).
+1 for something that's to be determined later...?

No need to post separate comments for your extra entries (though if you do so, you won't get penalized). This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and ends Wednesday, May 6, 2009. (And that is so that I can mail your books out before the postage increase!)

All in all there will be FOUR (4) winners for this Support Teen Lit Giveaway, so start writing, commenting, and entering!!!


  1. I feel that I will be supporting teen literature by making my new blog. I will be writing reviews and helping promote books that deserve the praise. I hope it helps to get more people involved in reading and making blogs like all of us have to share our experiences together!

    1. I already am a follower.
    2. I have linked this on my blog.
    3. I don't know how to do that or I would
    4. I heard this through you as your blog showed up on my follower updates.

    Amber J.

    thanks for adding me to the contest :)

  2. When I get really excited about a book I loved or I think one of my friends would be a perfect fit for the book, I basically force the books on them. I try to clean out my bookshelf every year and donate the books I don't read anymore. It's also my dream job to design book covers for the teen market (I am a sucker for a good cover!).

    +1 I just started following you :)
    +1 I posted about your giveaway here:


  3. Wow that is a BIIIGG giveaway! Today was my first time doing Operation Teen Book drop and it was pretty exciting! I went to my hometown library, and the girls there had never heard of it, but were going to check out readergirlz website to learn more.

    While I was there, I was really happy to see that the YA section was so much bigger than it was back when I was in high school. It got me thinking (which is crazy that you ask the question you do), that whenever I can, I'm going to pick up a couple extra books and donate them to the library. Also, a lady that I work with has twin teenage girls who were complaining that our town doesn't have a lot of options when it comes to books. Since I have a fairly decent collection of YA books, I've been lending them out books. Reading was always my get away as a teen - still is - and so that's how I'm supporting teen lit.

    +1 - I am a follower (always sound like a stalker saying that)

    +1 - Posting a link to the contest here:

    +1- I heard about this awesome contest from you! (Since you're on my list of bloggers...does that count?)


  4. I commented on your reviews of If I Stay and Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. Both sound awesome!

  5. Yup, definitely entering this one!

    To answer the question, aside from the over a dozen YA books I donated to the library today? And the YA novels I'm writing now that I hope to god will be published in the not too distant future? What can be done other than what we're already doing? We promote the hell out of it already, we endorse YA authors and libraries and slews and slews of books. Aside from stuffing them down kids' throats, all we can do is scream as loud as we can about how awesome the YA genre is, how many awesome books are available for teens to read and just hope they listen.

    I'm already a follower, you're already on my blogroll (which is how I found out about this) and I'm putting a link to your contest in my sidebar. Woohoo!

  6. wowowow! great giveaway...please count me in. also, i'm giving away the entire jessica darling series by megan mccafferty on my little bloggo. :) hope you don't mind me mentioning it here.

  7. we read the books then donate to the school library so the youth actually get to check them out at school

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  9. I have teenagers, and am around a lot of teenagers and pre-teens. I love reading and discussing books with young people, it's a great way to get to know what's going on in their heads.

  10. being a newly minted ex-teen who is now pushing 21 I can fondly look back on my time as a teenager with mostly smiles (except for the odd bumps of bad hair days and awkward teen moments), I know that there are so many things that seem more exciting and cool than sitting down and reading a book. I think teen books are amazing because they encourage teenagers to at least read in the hopes that when they do become adults that maybe they will remember all the teen lit that they read when they were teens and pick up a book. What I do to encourage teen lit is by donating all my teen lit books that I no longer read to the hospital that I volunteer at so not only do the books go to a good home but the hospital makes money too!!

    I found about this giveaway on a google search! =)

  11. Awesome Giveaway!!! I have been waiting to read Sloppy Firsts. I hear it is a really good series. And i love Stargirl. Still one of my all time favorites.

    I plan on helping YA litereature by startihng a YA bookclub at my school. Me and m,y friends have been thinking about it for a while and since my school doesnt really actually have a library where we can check out books, starting a bookclub may be a way to help those who want to read but dont have acsess to books.

    +1 I am already a follwer!!!
    I saw the giveaway becasue i check for updates everyday!!!

  12. I'm the relative who always buys books for the kids and teens for holidays. I adore reading and promote and encourage it with everyone from my students, my young relatives and my son. We've always been strict about what we buy for our son except for books. The deal has always been, if you'll read it, we'll buy it. But you can't ask for more until you really read it. And we stuck with it, from comic books, to gaming magazines to collector's editions. But thankfully, he does love to read now when he didn't as a preteen.

  13. I feel I have always supported teen literature by spending all of my money on it at the book store ;) I also plan on reviewing a lot of teen literature on my new blog! I also try to point out good authors to teens in the book store, like when they pick up a Gossip Girl novel I go "hey have you ever read Sarah Dessen" lol

    lovejessicamarie [@] gmail [.] com

  14. I have been a follower!

    lovejessicamarie [@] gmail [.] com

  15. WOW!!! *slaps forehead* comment redo!

    I am seeing a bad trend here in GA. I dont think kids read enough here. One of the biggest counties in GA and even one of the more well off counties is lacking major books like Graceling and books of that sort. I am shocked at the lack of programs available to teens. I am hoping to see if I can find a way to connect with more teens this summer and get some more kids reading. It is sad that I have tog o find them but we gotta start somewhere, right?

    +1 follow you
    +1 linked it on my sidebar
    +1 blogroll
    +1 follower updates

  16. I'm supporting teen lit present and future by writing them! Hopefully my efforts will be in the bookstores one day in the not too distant future ...

    +1 I follow
    +1 I heard about this contest from you because I stalk your blog!
    +1 Commented on Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side
    +1 Commented on Flipped
    +1 Commented on Saving Francessca
    +1 Commented on If I Stay

    By the way, thanks for opening up this giveaway internationally.


  17. I love teen lit - even though I haven't been considered a teen in some time!! The books are always enjoyable and fast easy reads (usually). I still peruse the teen section in the library for new reads! Thanks!

  18. Quite honestly the best thing you can do is buy books. They are a business and they need to earn money to keep going.* Now I know books are expensive but the less that are bought the more they cost.) I also think it's important to buy from independent book sellers. Being honest a big cinderblock chapters or costco doesnt really have the magic of a little book and yarn nook (thats this cute local store). I also find the little independant ones get more author talks than the big chains. I also think interesting other people in reading helps a lot too. If you find a good book. Lend! I've seen people who hate reading read one good book and everything changes (my sister was like this, Harry Potter and that was it! She reads all the time now). I really dislike Twilight but I don't begrudge it too much, because it got so many people into reading. Sure it leads to creepy Edward shirts staring out at you in the local bookstores but it also leads to people reading other books. I know a girl who only started in on Meg Cabot and Tamora Pierce after Twilight.

    +1 I follow already ^_^
    +1 you're already on my blogroll
    +1 I heard about this from Amber ^_^

  19. I like to think I support teen literature by not only reading it but if I like it or think it is well written I will recommend it or if I own it loan it to my niece to read and pass along the recommendation to her friends as well getting more readers. A goal I have this year is to also start posting reviews on sites like Amazon and Goodreads and maybe adding them to my new blog.

    I am already a follower.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  20. My sister told me about this contest! she said it was a good one! the giveawaydiva

    and i would love to win! please enter me!!

    glittergurl04 (at)

  21. Steph,

    As you know I founded a run a lit group for young women now, Color Online. I maintain our discussion forum and blog. Our online members are mostly women who support young women but we are trying to build our membership so young women and adult women can connect. Our physical group consists of all young women in high school or early college age. We meet bi-weekly. I founded the group in 2005.

    I also run a library at the local non-profit where our group meets in person. Our library collection is girl/women focused. One of our most popular and solid collections is our YA section. I read more YA now and have for two years now because this is the group that is often neglected when it comes to donations and consequently, these readers remain non or reluctant readers. Building our YA collection has gone a long way to convert readers.

    I host a monthly contest, Potpourri at Color Online and offer free books for reviews. We have a growing a Prize Bucket and much of our Prize Bucket is geared towards YA. It's fairly easily to win books from us. At Black-Eyed Susan's, I host Little Lov'n Monday and offer free books, there, too. These may not be new released books but many are children and YA. In the past I have run essay contests, Open House and review contests all in an effort to get books in girls' hands.

    In summary the best way I have found to support teen literature is to get books into teens hands. Running a library, multiple discussion forums and two blogs is my way of promoting a love of reading. I purchase very few books for myself but I spend the equilivant of a full-time second job to soliciting donations, trading, buying, entering contests and participating in mulitiple forums all in an effort to acquire books that I either give to teens directly or add to our library collection so a community of girls have access to books.I have committed the last three years of my life to helping girls find their voice, aspirations and experiences in the world of books.

    My work with Color Online is a true labor of love and I am unabashedly pitching for us to be a winner in your contest. We have no funding. I have no qualms asking on behalf of my group. My girls are amazing. I want them to walk into our library and always be filled with wonder at what is available to them.

  22. I am already a follower and your blog is listed in my blogroll.

  23. fun! i plan to support by buying as many books as possible as gifts in the future--and also by trying to write the best novels in can. =)

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  25. I'm a follower, you're on my blogroll, and I read about your contest through Google Reader. :D

    I guess it was all due to my mum. There was a tiny library (and I do mean tiny) and my mum used to take me there. She didn't encourage me to borrow all the picture books, but made me borrow children fantasy books and teenage books. From there, my love for reading grew. Her reason was that "While pictures may say a thousand words, I'd rather let you read those words than try to figure the picture out." And she steered me to the tween/teen literature section. No kidding.

    Babysitter's CLub was the first series I read.

    I'm kind of glad that I was an inquisitive child back then, because now I go to the library to get my weekly dose of books (only 4 a week! INSANITY). And if there are any good books I can think of which are not available in my library, I send a note to them to get the books, and voila, it's there!

    Not only that, but my family always takes me out to go buy books. Now recently, due to the recession. But they always bring me to Borders (which is THE only place with a great selection of books) and even to Malaysia! It's only a short drive away, but let me tell you: the prices there are fantastic, so we get to buy more! :D :D :D

    And wanna know the best part? The most obvious thing I can see right now which shows that I support teen literature is the book review blog I started a few weeks ago. I thought it would be fun to go search for books through book review blogs, and I found myself wanting to review books. Without the blog, I wouldn't have seen this contest at all. And another obvious way? I'm here to try and win the books!

    Let's talk about my bookshelf now? It's stuffed, and I've had to put my books in 6 cupboards. And now even my wardrobe is slowly getting invaded. :/

    Since I'm not so much promoting teen literature by stuffing the books in my wardrobe, I'm slowly mooching them away, to friends and family and through Bookmooch. It kind of makes me sad, parting with those books, but since other people will feel the same happiness I did reading those books, why not?

    OH my. This is turning out to be an essay. I'll stop here.

  26. I read YA books and recommend the ones that I enjoy. I haven't really done anything amazing like your Operation TBD extravaganza.


  27. I'm already a follower


  28. You're already on my blogroll.


  29. I found out about this giveaway from you on twitter.


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  31. I am a follower.

    Oh no, I do nothing to support teen literature in the end. I buy books, I borrow from the library, I review them, I spread the word if they are good. I did just participate in this treasure hunt when books had been placed in different cities, and I found a copy. I could do more.

    forgot my email.

    blodeuedd1 (at) gmail (dot) com

  32. Posted link on my myspace blog


  33. Tweeted giveaway - bridget3420


  34. Steph, you just made my day!

    Answer: I supported Teen Lit firstly by starting a book blog where I can read, review books and spread the words about the upcoming ones or ones that are old but still awesome enough to be people's favorite reads. I also buy YA books that I can find here and lend them to my friends. Because not many teenagers in Vietnam read English YA books, I try to make them all more interested in those - I carry different books to classes and read them at break time - apparently a lot come to me and ask me where I got the book and what it's about and after I tell them, they want to give it a try. Also, in the future, if I can afford it, I'll give away books or donate them to the libraries ^^

    I already followed you.
    I commented on reviews of Saving Francesca, Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side, If I Stay and Perfect Fifth.
    I already added you to my blogroll.
    I just linked this contest on my sidebar.
    I love you (does that count?) lol

    Phew, that's a lot : )

  35. What I do to support teen literature is after I read all my YA books and give them to my local middle school.

    I am a follower and I heard about you at Google Reader.


  36. Every YA book that I read and love, I plug the hell out of! I tell everyone about it whether they're interested or not until they cave in a buy or read it. My friends get a bit sick of it I do it so much!

    - I'm already a follower.
    - You're on my blogroll.


  37. Most of my friends don't like to read. They find it boring, uneventful, and a waste of time. Once I realized this, I took action. I started to look and find books for my friends that they would like and that also matched their personality. My friend Angela, who only ever read about three books for fun in her whole life(not kidding), read through 'The Adoration of Jenna Fox' in less than a week, and then got in a discussion of the book with me! My cousin Taylor, who hates to read with a passion, read the entire Twilight series (those are huge books!) after I took her to see the first movie. I had hoped that would happen because she loves vampires. Also, my friend Cindy, now reads books by Sarah Dessen and Meg Cabot when she realizaed, through me, that some books can actually be fun to read. I love to find books that I believe others will like, and I'm glad I got to turn some people on to reading.

    I'm already a follower.


  38. I feel like I support teen literature, because all I read and write it YA. I love to write, and hope to get published someday. When it comes to reading, I always find myself recommending young adult novels to my family, friends, and whomever else I stumble upon, more than other types of books. My entire bookshelf is covered with young adult novels, and 99% of my checkouts at the library are YA as well. I hope to become an english teacher someday, and teach high school, so I can recommend great books to teens. Since, I love them just as much as teenagers do!:) I love hearing stories about teens who pick up a book after not reading for years, and then devouring it in a day, prompting them to read more. Reading is good for the soul, and I highly encourage teenagers I know to pick up a good book.
    Well, that was a novel wasn't it?:)
    I am a follower and have you on my blog roll as well! Keep up the great work! I love your blog!


  39. I like to donate my YA books once I've read them (depending on the subject) to the local high school - they're very appreciative

  40. :O When you said this was huge, you weren't lying!!!

    I don't do as much as I feel other people do for YA lit, but I do try. Whenever I read a book I reaaly enjoy, I try to spread the word about it, both on my blog and with friends and family (the number of people who've I've talked about the Hunger Games to is probably the highest! Which is bad because I really can't summarise it without sounding stupid, so I end up saying 'read The Hunger Games. It's SO good, I can't even explain it. Just read it. Google it or something. READ IT NOW!!!') It works though :) I might also be guilty of rearranging books in bookstores!

    Yes, I blog, I talk to other bloggers, readers, authors etc, I try to spread the word, but I also don't do nearly enough. Like I try to buy a copy of every ARC I really like, but I don't. I try to write reviews when they're due, but I don't (always). Whenever I see people doing more, like Lenore, Adele, Cecilia, even you (not a suck up attempt I promise) it makes me feel both guilty and inspired. -- Sorry for the ramble!
    - I already follow
    - I linked in my sidebar
    - You're on my blogroll
    - I heard about this from my blogger update list

    And that took a while, I don't envy you going through all of these posts!

  41. Wow, Steph! Your contests amaze me!

    Okay, well... I'm a bookseller at Borders, and talk to many many teens about what they read, and what they should read. I recommend books to them, which they buy, and then they come back and tell me how much they loved them, and that they've ordered/more by [insert author name].

    I also run a monthly teen fiction book club at Borders. It's a year old next May. I never expected that anyone would come, but each month we have between 10-23 teens and YA readers join us. We talk about a chosen book in detail, and then about YA books in general. I love it, and I'm so glad I'm able to provide somewhere for everyone to talk about YA fiction!

    That's my answer... I hope I'm at least doing my bit :)

    Oh, and I follow you. Thank ya matey!

  42. Other than blogging about YA, one way I support teen literature is through the book drive that my school is currently holding. I teach at an elementary school but my school is collecting new and gently used books for all ages. I have donated several of my gently used-but well loved YA books to this collection. It might not be big, but its a start!

    I blogged about the contest here

  43. I have been supporting teen literature by buying, reading and loving them! :) I also buy books or lend my copies to my family and friends. And I'm always recommending YA to everyone :)

    +1 I am a loyal follower!
    +1 On blogroll
    +1 From you! - I subscribe

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  44. I've been supporting teen literature in a variety of ways. First of all, I buy, read, and enjoy a lot of books. I also loan my books out a lot to family and friends, and often give them away to people who I think would enjoy them. I talk about books a lot with people, in real life and on my blog, and make many recommendations that people who trust me often follow up on. I've even been known to donate books to the local school libraries, when they want them. That way, many students get a chance to read them. I have such a large YA library, I end up having to share them somehow (giving away/loaning out/donating) as fast as I can read them, which works well for everyone, otherwise I'd be drowning in books.

    +1 I found out about this giveaway from a real-life friend of mine who stumbled across it (I have no idea how). She doesn't read much, so didn't enter, but she said she immediately thought of me and sent me the link.

    Please enter me. Thanks!


  45. I almost forgot, +1 because I follow your blog in my web browser (the Atom feed).


  46. What a great idea and blog! I've signed up to be a follower and found this giveaway over at Book Blogs on This Book For Free.

    I have a daughter who is a tween. We're the family that always gets the biggest Scholastic book order, and she is a huge reader. We're always on the lookout for titles of good YA books for her! I read the reviews of both Flipped and Saving Francesca and both sound great. The author of Flipped sounds very familiar and I think is one of my daughter's favorites already.

    I support teen literature by giving my largest charitable contribute each year to our library. What better way to give money than to get books into the hands of kids?

  47. Sorry, I posted too fast; my email is and my blog is Thanks for such a great contest!

  48. I support teen lit, by buying my teen books to read not only for holidays, but just b/c. I want het to develop a love of reading for life.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I support teen lit by spreading the word about great new books at my book club at school and reviewing books for!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  50. I encourage teens to read by starting first with the teens in our family -- I buy them books for birthdays, holidays and just because that I think will intrigue them and get them reading. I also volunteer at our local library and one of my favorite things to do is to work in the teen section -- great books, great teens -- lots of fun! And I hope I am encouraging them to read in the process :-)

    I am also a follower.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!

  51. I have been/plan on supporting teen literature in the present and future by keeping abreast of new teen lit books. I'm finding out about what's out there right now and reading a number of them and rating/reviewing the ones I read on goodreads. I'm also keeping a list of what's out there/what's supposed to be good/what I've read so that I can recommend them to others and also so I can give appropriate books as presents for any teens I know.

    I found out about this giveaway because I regularly check your site so I guess I didn't hear about it anywhere or from anyone unless you count...heh heh heh.

    I've commented on the reviews for...
    - Flipped
    - Saving Francesca
    - Perfect Fifths
    - Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side
    - If I Stay

  52. Teen Literature to me combines all of the best things in life. It is personal, especially to those who are teens, but then also to those who no longer are because they can realate. In the future I dont think I will ever decide not to read YA books. I just dont see it happening for me. So I plan on reading them until I'm 80 and it just looks weird.

    I also, because I am a dreamer, would like to one day contribute to Teen literature and have a book of my own...but as I said I am a dreamer.

    I am already a follower
    I am commenting on 5 of the books you have mentioned.
    I am linking this on my blog
    I heard about this from Shooting Stars Mag
    You are on my blogroll already


  53. Okay here I go - I am a follower, linker (it's on my sidebar), you're on my blogroll, Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag was the referral and I have commented on four of the reviews.

    I am supporting teen literature the way I have always the classroom. As a blogger I am constantly introduced to amazing books and then I can pass these onto my students. An example, bc of the YA blogosphere we are reading Hunger Games as our class text this term. Two of my reluctant readers are now reading due to books that I was told about. I feel like I am building a group of readers that will be savvy in their choices, enthusiastic and great fans of the authors I love.

    I think that I am also doing my bit on PSnark to promote Australian authors of YA. Amazing authors like Melina Marchetta, Simmone Howell, Mo Johnson, Amra Pajalic etc.

    Thanks StephSu!

  54. I support teen lit but constantly pushing my library to get good YA books in so others can enjoy them and by donating my books to the hospital where my mom works.
    +1 follow in google reader
    +1 if you add me to your blogroll and let me know

  55. I just wanted to say that I love your giveaway idea and I've enjoyed reading the answers!

  56. I'm a teacher, so I do my best to encourage students to read by focusing on choosing books that they'll like and then helping develop the skills to read and write critically.

    I'm a follower (via RSS) and I added you to my blogroll at I read about the contest here first, but I was reminded to come enter at Shooting Stars Mag.

  57. First of all, I heard about this contest from Shooting Stars Mag, one of my favorite blogs to read, and since I like what you stand for and respect Shooting Stars Mag, I decided to follow you, too.

    Now, on to the do I plan to promote (or have been) teen literature? Ah, let me count the ways...First and foremost, I read and I have always encouraged others to read, too. I got into reading teen lit recently because my daughters are teens and got me hooked on what they are reading. I was hooked. There are some fantastic books out there in this genre, so I've stopped thinking about it in terms of "this is what my kids are reading and perhaps too young for me" and started thinking about it in terms of, "hey, this is a darn good story, so who cares what age group it targets?" And when I find a good book, I recommend it to others.

    Another way I plan to promote teen literature is by writing it. I am currently working on a story that I hope to publish some day, something I hope will appeal to adults as well.


  58. I tweeted about it here:


  59. As a teacher, I support teen literature by showing kids books they actually WANT to read instead of cramming "literature" down their throats. Everyone hates Moby Dick. But if I can pass on The Forest of Hands and Teeth, or The Hunger Games, or even Twilight, I can actually make them see the value of reading and how some books are actually GOOD.

    I also support teen lit by writing it...and will one day support teen lit even more by handing MY book to one of my students!

    Finally, I support through my blog ( where I discuss what makes a good book and what doesn't--so hopefully I am also helping other writers of teen lit, too.

    +1 already a follower
    +1 linked in my sidebar (
    +1 in my blogroll (under "books")
    +1 heard about contest cause I read all your posts! :) (I actually though I'd responded to this one before, but couldn't find my name in the entries, so I must not have...)

  60. Steph,

    I commented to If I Stay prior to the contest. Will my comment count?

  61. Bringing awareness to new and great books
    When possible I like to buy books as gifts for encouragement :-)
    Kawaiineko2008 at aol dot com

  62. I just recently got back into reading again, and lo and behold, I was a little surprised to discover that I am actually interested in the YA genre. Now that I know how much I like it, I plan to include reviews of YA novels on my blog.

    +1 I am following

    +1 I heard about this from Readaholic:

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  63. I support teen lit every day through my job as a teen librarian. I'm pretty much an advocate for teens and YA books every day to the people I work with and the people that walk into the library. I keep my department updated with booklists, talk to patrons and co-workers about what books I'm reading and I'm sure I annoy everyone with my reviews and must reads!:) I also have a work blog, in addition to my blogger blog, where I post booklists for staff to check out when a patron comes in looking for Twilight and we're all out. I've been called a cheerleader for teens, and I like to think that I am. I think everyone should be reading YA!

    -I'm also a follower
    -I heard about the contest from Shooting Stars Mag

  64. I would absolutely love to read these books.
    And I follow! :)

  65. Great contest! I follow your blog and I heard about the contest from Shooting Stars Mag. I also commented on the reviews of Flipped, Perfect Fifths, Saving Francesca, If I Stay, and Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.

    I don't do much for teen literature currently, besides being a teen and reading and buying books when I can, as much as I can.
    I don't have an exact plan for the future, but I have given thought to it.
    I live in Israel. I love it. But one tiny problem (besides the whole war thing) is the lack of YA books in English.
    Last time I checked, the public library in my city had maybe 50 children's books in English. About 15 of them where YA. Most of those were in The Princess Diaries series. Fine books, but not much for variety.
    There's the same problem in the bookstores. Whenever I go in to one, which is fairly often, I usually see the same books: the Twilight Saga, the Harry Potter series, some 20 other currently-popular books. That's it.

    So: My point, after all this complaining? I plan on doing SOMETHING to help out with the situation. Not sure what, exactly -- I'm only in high school -- but something.

  66. I heard about this giveaway from bridget3420


  67. First off, extras.

    -I'm already a follower.
    -I found out about this through your my feed or whatever.
    Blogged it there!!

    As for how I'm going to support Teen Lit in the future:

    At the moment, I think I am supporting it by the blog, of course, and talking up books to friends and people I come across. I try and do what I can to show my love and get others to pay attention to great books. I'm always moving books at the bookstore or turning them out so that people can see them better.

    In the future, however, I want to continue to be up to date on YA books and keep reading them. Just because they are based around young adult characters, doesn't mean that you can't read them as an adult. It just means you have more life perspective and can maybe see them in a new light and that's great. I'll keep reading and I'll keep recommending.


  68. I have now commented on the reviews for:

    Saving Francesca
    Perfect Fifths


  69. The way I support teen literature is by buying and reading them. I don't really do anything else. But I definitely do recommend the books I love to everyone I know!! I also let them borrow my books and I buy books as presents. Books always make nice gift, right? :)

    +1 i follow you
    +1 linked you up at
    +1 you are on my blogroll
    +1 Heard it from Bunny B


  70. Teen literature is important to me. The books just keep getting better and better (and I haven't been a teen for a long time).

    Past: I worked as a bookseller and hand sold all of my favorite books. I also received ARCs and sent back reviews of them directly to the publishing houses.

    Present: I buy them with all my pocket money (which is so much more rewarding than chocolate -- really).

    Future: I hope to be a YA author someday soon to help spread the teen lit awesomeness.

    I heard about this contest from Lesley (aka: Llehn).

  71. Great contest :D
    Ok, how I support Teen Literature: I read, A LOT. Buy the books when I can afford them, or borrow them from the library. I also try to make people read more, buy recommending books and buying books as birthday- and christmas gifts.

    I'm a follower

    sosarora_11 @

  72. Young Adult Literature is, in my opinion, the most important form of literature. Teenagers are at such a tough, contriversial stage in life that it's easy to just stop reading all together which leads to the degrading intelegence of our future generations. We need to keep this genre moving forward in ways that will capture the interest of every teenager and keep them reading. I intend to add to this by writing young adult novels fictionalizing and puting into print what real teens think, feel, and want. I'm almost done with my first right now and hope that many more will follow.

    +1 I'm a follower

    +1 I got this from

    +1 I blogged about the contest

  73. i buy ya lit for the teens in my family and i read it too! why not it is fun.

  74. i buy and read ya just for fun!

  75. We support teen literature by trying to give it prominence in our libraries, by donating books and creating displays (Beth works in her school library) of teen novels. We also always recommend teen books to anyone, no matter what their age.

    Beth & Nathan

    BTW- We LOVE Robin McKinley!!!!

  76. Commented your Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side, If I Stay, Flipped, Saving Francesca and Perfect Fifths reviews.

  77. I love to support teen lit by turning people on to it who wouldn't normally read it. 13 Reasons Why is one book I mention to EVERYBODY! I also buy these books and blog about. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    I follow. :)

  78. How exciting! Well, I should begin by saying that I've recently reconnected with young adult literature! At 23, I figured I was now beyond the point in which the stories would appeal to me... or that I was beyond the "target" audience and wouldn't really "get" out of the books what younger readers would. How wrong I was! Well-written young adult has absolutely everything I love about literature -- and more: romance; friendship; family dynamics; mystery; emotional resonance; and on and on...

    I support young adult by buying young adult -- and talking about it, and blogging about it. I recommend young adult books to everyone I know, regardless of their age or background. I pass them on to coworkers when I'm finished with them, and I keep a growing list of all the YA I have yet to read. I've even given Sarah Dessen books to ex-boyfriends! I told them they just had to read them in order to understand the way young women think. And, to my utter shock, an ex actually loved Just Listen, my favorite of her novels!

    Coming-of-age books are some of my absolute favorites... and I've learned so much about myself through reading young adult at this very point in my life. I'll continue to sing its praises until I'm no longer reading... which would be impossible!

    +1 You're on my blogroll at write meg!+1 I found your giveaway simply by checking out your blog and noticing the static post up top :)

    Thanks so much for the chance!

    Megan @ write meg!writing.meg [at]

  79. This is so awesome! My way of promoting reading is mostly through talking to my friends about good books that they should try. I usually target the ones that don't read as much as they probably should. I sometimes help them pick out a good book for class so they are motivated to actually read it. I read out loud to my sister from books (about a chapter) I think would get her hooked and she will usually pick it up afterwards! Well I really should do more. Thanks again for this contest!

    I'm following you and I posted your contest on my sidebar here .

    I was referred by Laina at

  80. Wow, I think this is the biggest contest I have ever seen!! My plan to support teen literature is growing as I prepare my in-classroom library. Currently I am purchasing ya fiction that is relevant and appropriate for students (that's how my blog got started!). My goal is to help all of my students (even those reluctant readers) learn to appreciate literature and improve their reading comprehension by offering books that appeal to them instead of some of the antiquated school library offerings.

    +1 I already follow you!
    +1 I have linked this to my sidebar at
    +1 You are already on my blogroll
    +1 I saw this contest on my blogger news update! :)

    Great contest!

  81. Thanks for this great contest!

    My plan for promoting teen liturature is getting more of my friends to read. My school is very sports oriented so a lot of my friends don't read. I tell them about great books that I read, but recently I have been shoving books on them. I will probably keep doing this since most of my friends love the books I have forced on them.

    +1 I am a follower
    +1 I have linked to this contest at
    +1 there you are also added to my blog roll
    +1 thanks All the worlds a stage for blogging about this contest(I heard from her)
    I have commented on Flipped, Saving Francesca, Sloppy Firsts, Jessica's Guide to dating on the Dark Side, and If I Stay.

    Thanks for this huge contest.

  82. One way I support teen literature is by vlogging every Friday and recommending a new book (FiveAwesomeYAFans). Also, whenever there's a YA author event near me I go. Recently I went and saw Lisa McMann and Cassandra Clare, and I conducted an interview with them afterwards. I don't know if this really counts as supporting, but I write fanfiction. I've written a bunch of stories based on my favorite YA books. Also, whenever I read a good book, I make all my friends read it as well. I'm known at my school as the go-to girl for book advice. I helped proofread and give advice to someone about the manuscript of their YA book. Our school librarian often comes up to me and asks me book advice, or asks me to help someone choose a book. If I had my way, I'd spend the majority of my time at the library. I wouldn't mind camping out there every once in a while, and it would also be fine with me if it were a mile or so closer.

    +1 I'm following.

    +1 Linked contest:

    +1 Linked contest:

    +1 Linked contest:

    +1 I added you to my blogroll.

    +1 I heard about it from Bookluver-Carol's Reviews

    +1 Commented on review of Flipped.

    +1 Commented on review of Saving Francesca.

    +1 Commented on review of Perfect Fifths.

    +1 Commented on review of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.

    +1 Commented on review of If I Stay.

  83. Oh yeah. I forgot. My email is

  84. My family moves a lot, and by moving, I don't mean down the street, or across the state, or even around the country. We've officially lived on every continent except Africa and Antarctica for an extended period of time (and the former doesn't look too far off, either). Most places I end up in have poor reading programs, and the teens aren't quite well-versed in the concept of Teen Literature. There aren't any libraries that stock good books for them to read, and even the bookstores have limited options. So what do I do? I import as much as I can via friends and family in the States, or elsewhere in the world, and become my own library! Right now I'm reaching out to about 20 teens who love reading as much as I do, and we have informal book discussions whenever we can. It's like having a library and a book club, and it makes for some great debates and topics to discuss. And that's how I support teen literature! (Even though it makes it a pain to move to a new place with all my book collection!)

    +1 I follow you

    +1 Added you to my blogroll

    +1 Linked to the contest on my sidebar:

    +4 Commented on the reviews for Perfect Fifths, If I Stay, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, and Saving Francesca

    Thank you for this!

  85. I support teen literature by donating new/used copies of books that I have to a temporary donation bin at my school, they send these books to a local hospital. I also have a group of friends at school that LOVE reading as much as I do, and we recommend books to each other and lend books to each other and discuss them at lunch at school. Oh, and sometimes when I'm walking through aisles at the library or book store and I see someone looking at a book I've read that I loved, I tell them to get it. So that's how I, in my own little role on Earth, support teen literature.

    +1 I follow you

  86. Besides doing my blog I tell my friends and comment at Spanish blogs about the amazing books I discover so that they'll but them if they are released here, in Spain. It's not much but I have two friends that are asking me to buy them books from amazon (since they can't buy from the internet) and others that are always asking me to inform them if I know about any new book I think they'll enjoy.

    +1 I follow you
    +2 Linked to my sidebar and posted in Twitter.
    Twitter user name: Silvia_pi
    +1 You're in my blogroll
    +1 I heard about this contest from


  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. I commented at this reviews:

    -Flipped by Wendelin van Draanen
    -Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta
    -Perfect Fifths reviewby Megan McCafferty
    -Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
    -If I Stay by Gayle Forman
    -Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

  89. Well, my answer is actually very similar to Max Brown's answer. I'm Thursday for FiveAwesomeYAFans. We're a youtube collab group that reviews 5 books a week (one per person). I realized the other day that I've (personally) now reviewed 23 books in the vlogs since we started in November! Because of FAYAF, I ended up starting a blog to help me keep track of all of the books I've read and recommended. Plus it helps me network with awesome bloggers and authors. Also, I went with Max to the Lisa McMann/Cassandra Clare event and we conducted an interview afterwards. It was so awesome meeting two authors that I admire.

    +1 if you already follow
    +1 if you link to this contest somewhere and leave me the link. My sidebar:

    +1 if you let me know from whom or where you heard about this giveaway
    I heard about this giveaway both on Max Brown's blog and your own blog.


  90. please enter me

  91. Great contest!

    So how have I been and/or plan on supporting teen literature in the present and future?

    Well, I cant say what I'm doing so far is great (but I like to think that it is). I've only started book blog review (although its been neglected for a while now, so BUSY!) which I think really expands my knowledge on teen literature and also help me make new friends. Woot! :p

    I've been supporting teen literature even before I realize that ohmigod, I love teen literature!! Other than the obvious, 'duh I read', I go and tell most of my friends about these books and occasionally, they are forced to listen about some new book I found out about. I guess after having to listen to everything I tell them about books, they went out and buy books too. Now, I share books with my friends (thus saving my pocket money lol)

    I'm not entirely sure what I plan to do in the future to support teen literature but I'm thinking of hosting an imaginary teen library where anyone can borrow anything. My idea was ; I'd post a list of books available on the web, and if anyone is interested in borrowing the books, they have to pay a certain amount of fee for unlimited books borrowed in a year. After that, I will mail the book to them, with the due date. After the due date is up, that said person will have to return the book back to my address. I know this sounds too good to be true(a girl can dream, can't she?) but the library in Malaysia is so sad, trust me. Seriously, its terribly sad. Also, after I finish school, I'm so gonna work at a bookstore and actually interact(maybe even stalk, lol) with the customers who goes to the teen literature section because I've always wanted someone who shares with me their opinions and suggestions about books every time I enter the bookstore but everyone just minds their own business, so I'd like to change that.

    And of course, I will continue follow teen book bloggers/authors and support them!

    my ideas mostly are to increase the interest on teen literature here on Malaysia. You'd be sad to know how outdated most of them are even when there are really good promising books available here.

    -I am already a follower.
    -I link this contest on my blog -
    -I found out about this contest on my google read.

    Thanks Steph!


  92. Wow. Great contest. Discovered it thanks to

    I have only recently begun to support "teen lit" thanks to discovering the works of Cassandra Clare and Jaye Wells. If their writing is any indication, I'll be buying more of this genre in the future from my local bookstores. I may be a male, and steadily trudging my way through my thirties, but I feel no shame in reading quality writing no matter what genre.

    I'll be following this blog now. I also linked to this blog and contest in my own blog. Also getting added to my blogroll.

    Fingers crossed. :)

  93. Great giveaway, I'd love to be entered.

    As for supporting teen literature, I don't know if I do enough to support it actually. When I was in high school, I would read a lot of YA fiction and constantly tell my friends to read it. They'd tell me that they read adult novels though, so they wouldn't really care. As I got older and went into more adult novels, I kind of stopped reading YA fiction. I'm getting back into the groove now though and I think the best way to support it is to talk and promote it. I still don't think I do enough, but I have to start somewhere and this is the best way for me.


    ~ Popin

  94. Commented on your Faery Rebels review.

  95. Well, I'd like to think my blog helps teen literature. Besides that, and not to brag, but my librarian once told me that when my mom and I came to our library, we pretty much increased the amount of circulation enough that their budget for book buying increased. Plus I think reading YA literature supports it.

    +1 I already follow you. (With my ninja skills.) (Sorry, I get carried away sometimes)
    +1 I put a link here:
    +1 You're already on my blogroll here:

    Oh, and I already have Stargirl and it's like brand new, so on the off chance I win and that's the only one I can get, you can keep it and give it away to someone else. :)

  96. Wow, I am most DEFINITELY entering this amazing contest!

    I support teen lit almost every day. Ask any of my friends, and they'll confirm to you that I have a habit of shoving books down their throats...(figuratively speaking, of course ;]). Whenever I finish reading an awesome book, I get so excited to share it with my friends who also like to read. Another way that I support teen lit is by donating books that I don't want anymore to used bookstores, for others to enjoy. What's the point of keeping a book that you won't read again on your top bookshelf, rotting away in dust?! Finally, my third way of supporting teen lit is by making this fun blog! It's a great way to share my favorite books with other teens my age, and to learn about new ones. I love teen literature, it amazes me each and every day!

    (Sorry this was so long, I get carried away when I start to write..) :D

  97. oops my email SHOULD be:

    ok now for my added entries...
    +1 for following you
    +1 for linking this contest on my sidebar:
    +1 I heard about this giveaway from Tower Of Books's sidebar.
    +5 I commented on 5 book reviews!

  98. please enter me

  99. Commented on your Bad Girls Don't Die review!

  100. I commented on Bad Girls Don't Die and Faery Rebels review

  101. I commented in Faery Rebels review.

  102. I guess the obvious would be that I read teen books, haha. But I have been encouraging those to buy my YA novel favourites through my blog. I am planning on a blog-o-versary this summer so I gathered a few of my favourite YA authors to promote the YA fiction world. =)

    +1 - Follow through my blogroll
    +1 - And linked to sidebar of my blog:

  103. Well, might as well start with the expected. Obviously I read/buy teen books, I review them on my blog. I love to talk about great reads, so usually I'll keep bugging friends about them until they read it or go out and grab a copy. I've had a couple of author interviews for my blog as well, which has been super fun.

    Before I moved, I volunteered at the library, on a Teen Advisory Council, where we would make up lists of what to order for the library catalog, help decorate the place and organize events (e.g. for Spring Break, Parades, etc.), and write book reviews for the library blog.

    Sometimes I'll donate or give away old books that I don't need/want any more.

    It's a great bundle of fun ;)

    +1 Already a follower
    +1 Sidebar linked on blog
    +1 Twitter linked on Twitter
    +1 Added you to my Blogroll
    +1 Heard this from my Blogger Dashboard (newsfeed)
    +1 Commented on Bad Girls Don't Die Review
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  104. 2nd post

    I've also commented on the reviews for:
    -Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender
    -Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R. J. Anderson

  105. Commented on these 2 reviews:
    -Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender
    -Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R. J. Anderson

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  106. Commented more on these:
    -Review: Inferno by Robin Stevenson
    -Review: The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols
    -Review: Radiant Darkness by Emily Whitman
    -Review: Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr

    6 reviews commented altogether.

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  107. I will support teen lit by buying my friends great books for their birthdays(hunger games) amazing giveaway steph!

  108. oh i forgot:

  109. I feel I support teen lit by what I do to get my friends to read.
    I've started my own book club
    and I've been giving away my collection of books in weekly contests, also. :]
    I'm am a fellow follower.

  110. I have been blogging (of course) to show other bloggers and web goers the beauty of some of my fav books.

    I have also been telling my friends and advising them to read certain books that I heart. Also advising random ppl in the YA section to read random books that I find amazing. ALSO, in Teen Concil when we have to give book suggestions I am the one with the GIANT LIST of books!!

    +1 I'm a follower!

    +1 I linked to my sidebar here

    +1 I added you to my blogroll!

    Wdebo :)

    P.S. Would you like to do a link exchange? / follower exchange? Thanks

  111. What a terrific contest! I can't wait to read these books! I donate my books to our small (and poor) Catholic School in town and I've been trying to help the librarian in the childrens section of the public library get involved in some programs online.
    - I'm already a follower.
    - I already have you on my blogroll.
    - I found this because I have you on my blogroll.
    - I've added this to my sidebar.


    -I have some comments on reviews but I will list them together later.
    - I also saw this listed on the blog "writing it out"

  112. Besides having a book blog other ways I support this cause is by getting reluctant readers to read. It's soo fun! I remember this one person said to me "Lisette, you inspire me to read" She was about 6 years old then. hehe :)

    I am a new follower, been following through google reader though hehe :)

  113. I don't have much pocket money but when I have saved up enough, I would spend it on a YA book I really love so that their author will get their cut.

    +1 I follow
    +1 I heard about this from Llehn
    +1 commented on Flipped
    +1 commented on Saving Francesca
    +1 commented on Jessica's Guide
    +1 commented on If I Stay
    +1 commented on Bad Girls Don't Die
    +1 commented on Faery Rebels



  114. We always donate the books to the library after we've read them, so other teens can read them, as well. It's a good feeling.

  115. I donate books to both the teen section at the church and to the Girl Scout troops. I also donate books to the library. I try to include titles which are award winners so that they'll have as much appeal as possible to a wide audience.

    +1 I subscribe via google reader


  116. First of all, I support teen literature by my book blog. Many of the novels I review are YA. In the past, I have also donated YA novels to my school library because there collection lacks older teen novels. Another way I support teen literature is by recommending books to friends, even those who don't read! You never know when someone might decide to pick up a novel. ;)

    +1 if you follow me/already follow me (and let me know here!!! a Reader is okay)
    +1 if you link to this contest somewhere and leave me the link (1 entry for every place you link this to--Facebook, MySpace, etc.; sidebars are okay) (


  117. I'm a new high school librarian. During my year here, I have worked with the English dept. to remove the boring classics from the summer reading list and replace them with some great YA novels! We've included authors like Westerfeld, Zusak, Myers, Feinstein, Riordan. Gaiman... you get the picture! I'm so excited to go into the classrooms next week and booktalk the new titles to the kids!

  118. I have long been involved in supporting teen literature and literature of every kind, really. I'm the daughter of a YA author and I routinely spend a few hundred dollars on books a month. I'm looking to work as a graphic designer for authors and I am currently working as a virtual assistant for a YA author with an upcoming book.

    Thanks for this great contest!

  119. I love YA literature now more as an adult than I did as a teen! In keeping track of my reading materials this year, well over half have been teen books. I hope to break into writing teen novels in the future also.

    +1 posted to Twitter: Awesome Support YA Lit contest:
    +1 Following

  120. What a fantastic contest! I'm glad I got my internet back before it was over! I follow you through Bloglines.

    This will probably sound cliche, but I feel that blogging is a great way to promote teen reading. I've gotten several emails from parents who've given books I recommended to their non-reader teens, who then begged for more. Of course, I can't take all the credit for that, since the books themselves are awesome too! But I love to share my enthusiasim about books. All my life it's helped my friends and those around me enjoy reading more. I really don't think there is such a thing as a "non-reader". I think that they are just people who haven't found the right book yet. All it takes is that little first step, to totally open the eyes of someone to the wonderful world of reading. I am a firm believer in the idea that any book is a good book, as long as YOU enjoy what you're reading! My goal is to help those who don't like to read to find those books.

    Another way I promote reading is by practicing to teach good reading habits to my own children. I'm too young for kids now (thank goodness!) but I expect I will have my own home someday. So I work on developing habits right now that will pass my love of reading down to my own kids, as my parents passed their love of books onto me.

  121. Eee, last day.

    How do I promote teen literature? Most obviously, I blog about it. But I think what I do in real life does even more. I am a serious literary type. I write essays about stuff like Chretein de Troyes and fin'amors in Arthurian Romance. And I make sure people who know me as a respectable type increasing her exposure to the canon also know I read YA. Frequently.

    I dislike that people look down on the genre, when it did so much for me. Books helped me through hard times; I could be a powerful warrior on a quest or a boy on a spaceship or caught up in my first love. Teen literature is valid literature. As any English major knows, Charles Dickens, Daniel Defoe, et al. were all extremely popular in their day. Writing for the masses does not make you less of a writer.

    Therefore, when people ask me what I'm reading, I tell them. It's a mix of "respectable" books and "trashy." But never do I call them trashy. I point out why they're worth reading and leave it at that.

    In addition, I spread my books around. If people like my description, I let them borrow the book. Once I know people's taste I just hand them books randomly. I donate to libraries and prisons. I put my books in the half-price shops I love, that someone may pick up a book that wasn't quite for me and find that it blows their mind. I believe in book karma. Making books available to others is part of my responsibility as a book lover. And I spread the YA love more than anything else.

  122. I'm don't usually blog about YA books unless they are paranormal in some way. That way they tie in with my review genre. BUT if I read one I feel really strongly about I spread the word to everyone, and make sure people know what a fabulous book it is. I also like to check out the YA book section in book stores, and have helped many teens pick out books if they seem to be confused or need help. :) I wish I worked in a book store, but it's hard to get hired in one around here.

    +1 I'm already following you!
    +1 You're on my blogroll
    +1 I heard from you silly girl ;) (that doesn't count I know, worth a shot though!)
    +1 commented on your Dairy Queen review

  123. I just discovered this world of blogs and gotten obsessed this week. Just wanted to tell you that I love your site and that you have grown my TBR pile so much! Thank you!!

    Promote teen literature?

    I love books and have done so throughout my life. I moved to the Philippines from Boston when I was young and I had an uncle who would take the time each week to lend me a pile of books and discuss them with me. Before we had large bookstores in Manila, when we would travel, my mother would ship home a huge box of books for me, my brother. My brother and I would devour the books and lend them to very careful friends and cousins. When I studied in the US, I would pack my suitcase with books to bring home to Manila for the holidays. I ended up with a wonderful library and would lend the books to friends, cousins, and now to nephews, nieces, friend's children. I'd also given away a lot of books to school libraries and a small public library in the Philippines because I know how making a book available and losing yourself in a wonderful book makes such a difference!

    I give books as gifts, recommend books, and lend books to young family members and friends. I really just discovered these book blogs and will tell my nieces and young friends (and their mothers) about them as well. I've incorporated books and sites like yours into my blog to share this wonderful info!

    In NY, I donate books to my local library and still continue the practice of lending, recommending, discussing, and giving books. My husband didn't read much before we'd dated and I've introduced him and his nephews and nieces to so many books since then.

    I buy books from the local library book sales, and from everywhere. I ask my local library to purchase books, and the teen literature that you've recommended will be the subject of my next call with them!

    I especially enjoy good teen literature - when done well can be amazing! I hadn't read YA and teen fiction in a while (swamped with law school and working for a law firm) and got back into it when looking for a gift for my niece and when I received Eragon from a friend some years back. Now that I've found blogs and reviews like yours, it's back in my diet of books.

    Your contest has made me try to think of other ways and be attuned to how to promote teen literature.

    +1 I learned about this contest through Writing It Out.
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    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

  124. 3rd post

    I've also commented on the review for:
    -Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

  125. Since I am a still young (emphasis on young) and rising author, I'm supporting teen literature by writing good books for them to read in the future. I try and bring books out of obscurity not only on my blog but for people I know. And I'm shoving books down my friends and little sisters throats that they will like (FINALLY had a success with the Percy Jackson series! Woot!)

    You're in my Google Reader if that counts as a point, and if you're not in my blogroll, you will be in a minute. :)

  126. in the future i plan on supporting teen literature by donating some of my books to teens in hospitals. i think it would be great to give books to them since i know that it gets boring there with nothing to do.

    tink122595 at hotmail dot com

  127. wow! thanks for hosting this great contest! :D

    I support teen literature by working at my public library and help teens find great books to read. I also encourage kids and teens to keep reading by helping out at my library's annual summer reading club! We host various activities to keep the kids engaged and reading throughout the summer! I also donate books to organizations that send them to kids in need, so that they can also enjoy the classics and wonderful literature we take for granted!

    +1 I follow your blog! :)
    +1 I've already added you to my blog roll
    +1 heard about this giveaway just looking around on your site :)
    +1 I commented on your review of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (which, btw, sounds like a great book! :D)


  128. What other way to support teen literature than to buy the books and publicize the books and their authors? I do both. I have my recently new blog

    on which i review books, recommend books to read, tell my readers about book giveaway and contest and anything that relates, and I think is worth mentioning. Basically, I buy the books, and spread the word about them.

    +1 I follow you
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